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New Orleans Central Deli

i’m back to my normal routine (and almost pant size) from our trip to New Orleans earlier this month. you guys… the food, the cocktails, the people watching…the beneigts. amazing. if you are a foodie, then this is your type of place. in three days i walked over 30 miles just eating pretty much. eating, […]

New Orleans NOLA travel guide


I have been collecting cookbooks since Joe and I first got married (thirteen years this June!). I come from a long line of skilled cooks yet, I never really developed a passion for it until I was living on my own and had my very first solo home kitchen. Back in the days where Joe […]

February Cookbook Club Recipe One!


Supper Simple Cookbook Club

We are slowly making progress on our old farmhouse this year. While it’s not the large renovation we were hoping for we are grateful to be checking things off the list. We had a gentleman do a lot of work around The Found Cottage last year and he’s been helping around our farm with projects […]

How we replaced our farmhouse porch


Farmhouse Historic Porch Replacement

I was looking back at old pictures of our flock and I can’t believe that our original Icelandic sheep are going to be six this summer. How is that even possible?!? We started out with a flock of four from a farmer we found on craigslist (say that 4x fast) and now we are just […]

Q & A with the Icelandic Sheep


How to raise icelandic sheep

It’s that time of year where the seed catalogs are starting to appear almost daily in my mailbox. Every season I pour over catalogs finding the best seeds for our home garden. This year I am going to be trying a few different grouping techniques in the garden including separating my vegetables and my flowers. […]

The Best Tomatoes for Canning

In The Garden

Fresh Garden Tomatoes

Last year we celebrated NYE with our friends and their children at the Leland Lodge. It was amazing. We played card games, we went sledding, we did a little wine tasting. It was really a magical time and something we were hoping to turn into a yearly tradition. I’m hopeful in 2021 we’ll be celebrating […]

Ten Fun Ideas to Celebrate NYE 2020


Telling secrets with Otto

Second only to my father, the most difficult person to buy for is Joe. He makes the most ridiculous Christmas lists every year. I shouldn’t be shocked because this man of mine is practical in almost everything he does.Which, thank God. Every year he puts things on his list like; socks, sheep fence and window […]

Gift Guide: For the hard to shop for guy


Gift guide for the hard to shop for guy

A few weeks ago my pal Ashley and I went for a road trip for the first time since March. It was a bit nerve wracking at first but once we hit the road it felt soooo good to get a change of scenery. We rented a little air bnb in Urbana, Ohio about 20 […]

Exploring Urbana Ohio Springfield Antique Extravaganza


Cupcake Shop Urbana Ohio Lets Eat Cake

The mornings and evenings are getting chillier and chillier around here and when that happens my brain immediately goes COMFORT FOOD. Joe said a few days ago remember when we could travel and we had that awesome fondue in Switzerland? Random.. it was like five years ago. But yea I never forget a good pot […]

Simple Fall Apple Cider Cheese Fondue

Food & Beverage

Three Cheese Fall Fondu

I drove by our old house earlier this week and I can’t believe it’s been almost 7 years since we’ve moved to the farm. It’s been a true whirlwind as we’ve added fruit trees, gardens, sheep, chickens and a kid. It feels like just yesterday and as we are getting ready to overhaul the house […]

Questions and Answers About Our Farm


Loeffler Randall Floral Dress

I am continuing with my campaign to get you all to come and visit Michigan. In addition to an excellent food, wine and beer culture (as well as an emerging cocktail culture) we also have incredible coffee shops. People joke that we have a church on every corner, I would argue along side them we […]

My Favorite Coffee Shops in West Michigan


Joe and I happened to come in to sheep farming and I use the term “Farming” loosely. We bought this property about six years ago and bought these sheep off of craigslist in 2015. That is right, we bought this flock of sheep off of craigslist. Hindsight not the smartest move but three out of […]

What’s up with the flock?


Icelandic Sheep Flock of Sheep

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