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I don’t really care to think back to how long ago high school was for me. It sometimes feels like just yesterday while a million years ago all at once. Maybe I’m thinking more about high school because The Bachelor franchise feels so fixated on it this season. (can we be done with that please? […]

The Best Wine Shop in Grand Rapids

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Where to buy wine in Grand Rapids

I know what you’re thinking. Florals for spring? Ground breaking. Floral patterns tie in my love for fashion and gardening and I can’t get enough of them. When Sezane (can you tell I’m a bit obsessed) had their spring mini capsule release on Sunday this is one of the items I snatched up. I also […]

Silk Top Cost verses Worth, Fashion Industry Talk.

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full tulle skirt

It was a rare moment. I had a few hours of solo shopping while I was in Orlando this winter. Otto and Joe were having a swim and I snuck off to the outlets for a bit of quiet time. I love outlet shopping. I’m dutch to more core and I LOVE a good deal. […]

Classic Trench, The history and how to style


Classic Burberry Trench Coat

If you scroll through all of the spring outfit suggestions on Pinterest you will no doubt come in to contact with ads for SHEIN Official. Tempted in the past, I never pushed the “Purchase Now” button on the site. I always thought no way this is that price. It’s probably going to come ten sizes […]

My First Shein Purchase Review

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How to style a blazer from Shein

Under normal circumstances I am a salty over sweet kind of gal. My great grandma Sjaarda always said she would choose a piece of cheese over chocolate and I would have to agree that apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. That is 99% of the case unless I’m close to one of my favorite […]

Small Business Special: Mokaya Chocolate Grand Rapids

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Best Dessert Place in Grand Rapids

I know what you are thinking, another collection? I know I know but we’ve known each other long enough now to know that I can’t stop, won’t stop right? These antique mineral water bottles intrigued me inside of a booth at the Springfield Antique when I walked past the white tent that said “EVERYTHING IN […]

Antique Mineral Water Bottle Collection Codd Neck Bottle

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Where to find vintage glass bottles

Even during the pandemic, trends emerge and since late August academia style is back. We are at the point where we are post holiday excitement and pre spring waiting. While I do love the fresh start that January offers I long for the time of gardening, farmers markets and patio dining. However this quiet time […]

Everyday Academia Style

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Zip up plaid poncho

Creating this guide, gifts for the gardener makes my heart ache a little. I miss the morning walks through the garden. Now they’re just covered in snow. I think though that this gift guide is the one I’m most passionate about because if you are buying for someone in your life who loves to garden […]

Gift Guide: Gifts for the Gardener

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Gift Guide for the Gardener

When I was pregnant I would scroll for hours looking at all of the beautiful handcrafted heirloom wooden toys on etsy. I dreamed of a mess free playroom stacked perfectly with well made stunning toys that would spark my babies imagination and turn him into a tiny little Einstein genius. I wouldn’t even get mad […]

Ottos Gift Guide: Plastic Crap He Begs For

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Downtown Holland Candy Store

“Forget it”. I said I as clicked “ORDER” on this mint tulle skirt. I’m not going really anywhere right now but in my head I have future dinners with friends, trips to take and shows to see and I’m going to need a skirt to do it in. Sure sure they are going to be […]

Mint Tulle Anthro Skirt


Gold Sequin Sweater

It’s time for another Small Business Report! This week I am featuring Stems Market located in Grandville, Michigan and lucky enough for me, they are located just a few miles up from my office halfway to The Found Cottage. I stopped in last week to pick up some bundles of greenery and was amazed at […]

Small Business Report: Stems Market

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Small Business Report Stems Market

The meal is demolished, the left overs are packed away, it is time for the holiday shopping sale guide! Most stores (thank goodness) are closed on Thanksgiving this year (as it should be) and are having a lot of their black Friday deals on line. Me personally, I always seem to find more deals on […]

Holiday Weekend Sale Guide


Mint Nordstrom Coat