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I’m sitting at the coffee shop having an afternoon tea watching it absolutely downpour outside. I’m typing this recipe about a month later than I had planned but the truth is everything that I am able to do creatively is wrapped up at the farmhouse right now. Half of my cooking utensils are boxed up […]

February cookbook club recipe three


Cookbook Review Half Baked Harvest Cookbook Club

I didn’t really plan on moving the first week of cookbook club but we did and we’re finally getting settled into the temporary rental house. I have a small kitchen and my essential pots and pans. I feel like as we progress on we can get into more of a natural rhythm but we will […]

February Cookbook Club Recipe Two


February Cookbook Club

I have been collecting cookbooks since Joe and I first got married (thirteen years this June!). I come from a long line of skilled cooks yet, I never really developed a passion for it until I was living on my own and had my very first solo home kitchen. Back in the days where Joe […]

February Cookbook Club Recipe One!


Supper Simple Cookbook Club

I have not necessarily been a scrooge this year when it comes to decorating our farmhouse for the holidays, but more exhausted Santa. We went all out for Christmas this year at The Found Cottage and between that and pending renovations in the home, I just didn’t feel like hauling out all the bins of […]

Christmas Amish Greenhouse


Holiday Amish Greenhouse

When my grandma was moving to her condo she gifted me a stack of her Country Women Christmas books from the 90’s and they are FULL of amazing church cookbook style recipes. Some of them are scary jello’s with floating fruits in them but other recipes like these no bake potato chip chocolate bites are […]

No Bake Potato Chip Chocolate Bites

Food & Beverage

No Bake Christmas Treats

I don’t really care to think back to how long ago high school was for me. It sometimes feels like just yesterday while a million years ago all at once. Maybe I’m thinking more about high school because The Bachelor franchise feels so fixated on it this season. (can we be done with that please? […]

The Best Wine Shop in Grand Rapids

Style & Fashion

Where to buy wine in Grand Rapids

The majority of my David Austin Roses have not even completed their first season and the results have been spectacular. With a little bit of tender loving care each week they have flourished and bloomed and I have not had one single failure from my 2021 order. The only ones that have struggled are the […]

What is so Special About David Austin Roses


David Austin Roses for Cutting Arrangements

Today we are heading back to Emily’s farm once more to tour another one of her rehabbed buildings on the farm. Previously we toured the garden shed that was transformed into the perfect pre wedding bridal hangout so it only makes sense that we continue on to the repurposed gentleman’s quarters of her venue. I […]

This Michigander Repurposed Her Farm to a Fun Air BnB

Farm & Garden

Historic Michigan Farmhouse

From the moment I stepped foot on to Emily’s farm I could feel the magic. I’ve known Emily for years and we’ve talked plants and farming and she’s done a lot of work on our farm and cottage but the timing never worked out for me to stop by her farm and check it out. […]

Garden Shed Repurposed into Quaint Hangout


Historic Garden Shed

We are slowly making progress on our old farmhouse this year. While it’s not the large renovation we were hoping for we are grateful to be checking things off the list. We had a gentleman do a lot of work around The Found Cottage last year and he’s been helping around our farm with projects […]

How we replaced our farmhouse porch

Farm & Garden

Farmhouse Historic Porch Replacement

I have been trying really hard to listen to my body, my heart and mind lately but all the feelings just feel muddled. Do you ever feel that? Like the more you actively try to be still in listen the more clouded things become? I try to take a few moments each day and be […]

Orange you glad you stopped by?


Orange Jcrew Outlet Shirt

If you read my instagram post last night you would hear a bit of panic in my voice that in true Michigan fashion strawberry season is nearing it’s close. The extreme amounts of rain pretty much ruined the berries right on the bushes cutting the season short a week or two early. I was at […]

Fresh Strawberry Cinnamon Rolls

Food & Beverage

Cinnamon Rolls With Fresh Market Berries Fast Rising