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This post is in partnership with IVaccinate.org Whenever I look back on our Journey with Otto’s heart health I always crack a little smile of relief with how far we’ve come. When he was a newborn everyone who came to our house hand sanitized and was not able to visit unless they had their annual […]

Three Things We Do Each Day to Raise a Healthy Toddler.


Three Things We Do for Toddler Health

You could google all the different sites about what is on trend for spring and they’ll all tell you something contradictory to what the last article said. One post I read even said that G strings are in. NO THANK YOU. This is why dressing in whatever makes you feel most comfortable and special will […]

Casual Spring Dress Trends


Hot Trends for Spring Dresses

Christmas of 2018 a Smeg Coffee Pot was at the top of my list. I lusted after it’s slick design and since we have our coffee pot in our bedroom (view our old coffee bar here) It has to be cute as well as functional. I read no reviews about the Smeg I added it […]

Smeg Coffee Maker Review Is it worth it?


My honest review on the Smeg Coffee Maker

It’s almost that time in Michigan to get started with indoor seedling! While I started out as a vegetable grower, each year more and more of my garden is taken up by growing cut flowers. Last year 70% of my garden was cut flowers. We even grew enough to have a little flower stand out […]

14 Places to Buy Cut Flower Seeds

In The Garden

14 places to buy cut flower seeds

I finally took down the outdoor Christmas decorations this past weekend (I know it’s March ok?) but it’s been so cold and this past weekend was one of the first nice sunny days we’ve had in a while so down it came. However, everything just looked bare and the house needed something to announce the […]

Floral Wreath DIY for Spring A Step by Step Instruction


50 Wreaths for Spring

Easter Candy is the king of all candy. There is not a better holiday for candy offerings than Easter. Try and prove me wrong. Nothing can or ever will top Cadbury eggs and marshmallow Peeps. To celebrate such occasion I thought it would be so fun to put a spin on a classic charcuterie board […]

How to Make an Easter Candy Charcuterie Board


How to Make an Easter Candy Charcuterie Board

This year I am so hopeful that we will be able to celebrate Easter with a service amongst family and friends. Last year I had the cutest Easter outfit for Otto and he wore it around the yard a few times before we bundled up in our sweats and went for a walk. This year […]

Twenty Easter Dresses Under $200 for Women


Tuckernuck garden bow hat

When I found this vintage style cast iron farmhouse sink I knew exactly where in my house it would go. Before the room was even being demoed I knew I had to have it. This downstairs bathroom (click for before pictures) is off of the screened in porch and connects the back pool area to […]

Vintage Style Cast Iron Farmhouse Sink


Dark blue navy bathroom

Thank you to Zonderkidz for sponsoring this post. All thoughts, opinions and reviews are my own. Otto is at the age where he understands holidays and looks forward to all of the different ways to celebrate them. We have finished with Valentines Day and are now learning about Easter. While I’m trying hard to convince Joe that […]

Book Filled Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers


Happy Easter! Our Favorite Easter Books

One of my favorite things to do with Otto when we start to get a little stir crazy as the snow begins to melt is to bundle up and go for a long walk in the woods. Nature walks for kids and adults alike are so therapeutic and help clear your mind and relieve stress. […]

Scavenger Hunt Nature Walk For Kids


Otto in the woods

We are more and more starting to catch our first glimpses of spring here in Michigan. This week the brown hued grass is peeping out, matted from being under inches of snow the past few months. Bit by bit February is giving way to March and soon the April showers will bring us the much […]

Three Flowers Beginner Gardens Should Grow From Seed

In The Garden

A big bucket of home grown zinnias

Midwesterners have sweaters for all occasions. They have everything from winter sweaters to ski sweaters to even spring sweaters. This past week in Michigan we had a 50-degree temperature swing. It was -9F one day and then today it was 40F with sunshine. I am so ready for warmer weather. Every morning I walk out […]

My Favorite Sweater Outfits


Chunky Knit Sweater