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Mother’s day is a day that means so much to me. While it’s nice that Joe and Otto take the time to make the day extra special I truly enjoy reflecting back on my journey to becoming a mom. Even with all of the struggles and heartbreak it has been truly the greatest gift of […]

The Best Mother’s Day Garden Gifts


Mothers Day Gift Ideas for the Gardener

You could google all the different sites about what is on trend for spring and they’ll all tell you something contradictory to what the last article said. One post I read even said that G strings are in. NO THANK YOU. This is why dressing in whatever makes you feel most comfortable and special will […]

Casual Spring Dress Trends


Hot Trends for Spring Dresses

This year I am so hopeful that we will be able to celebrate Easter with a service amongst family and friends. Last year I had the cutest Easter outfit for Otto and he wore it around the yard a few times before we bundled up in our sweats and went for a walk. This year […]

Twenty Easter Dresses Under $200 for Women


Tuckernuck garden bow hat

Midwesterners have sweaters for all occasions. They have everything from winter sweaters to ski sweaters to even spring sweaters. This past week in Michigan we had a 50-degree temperature swing. It was -9F one day and then today it was 40F with sunshine. I am so ready for warmer weather. Every morning I walk out […]

My Favorite Sweater Outfits


Chunky Knit Sweater

Last week after a particularly long day I met up with my pal Ashley to take a few photos around town and hit up our favorite book store. We were driving around looking for the perfect spot when we came up on this little building with the name TACO BAR. Doesn’t get much clearer than […]

My Favorite Taco Bars in West Michigan


Delicious new Taco Bar

According to tik tok skinny leg jeans are out as well as side parts. This is of course according to gen Z which fine call me old. I don’t care I love my skinny jeans and I love my side part. Curly hair can’t handle a middle part so there it is. However I am […]

How to Wear Straight Leg Jeans


Sezane Straight Leg Jeans

This weekend we needed a break. We needed to get away and we were also without a baby sitter. We put our heads together and decided to head north with our little family and our son Otto to meet up with my sister and brother in law. There are so many fun things to do […]

Fun Things to do In Traverse City with Kids


Sledding hill at leland lodge

Back in September my pal Ashley and I packed our bags and drove about five hours south to Springfield Ohio for the big antique extravaganza. Honestly it was one of the only flea markets of the year thanks to covid and we spent the entire weekend from sun up to sun down shopping the fields […]

How to Hang Wall Sconces


How to Hang Sconces

Around this farm I live in my aprons, every time I forget to put one on I always end up with olive oil splashed up the front of me. In the summer I wear them straight out to the garden to gather veggies and herbs for dinner. I also keep them on straight through dinner […]

Budget Linen Aprons under Twenty Dollars


budget linen apron

Like previously stated this year I am not making goals or resolutions for this new year. 2021 is already off to a rocky start and I’m finding myself sinking a bit deeper and deeper into the seasonal depression that a lot of midwesterners get this time of year. The days are dark and snowy and […]

Word of the year: Invest


Word of the year Invest

Valentines Day is most likely going to be spent at home for Joe and I. That means, it’s time for some Valentine’s Day DIY gifts! This is actually the one “holiday” where Joe and I opt to stay home anyway. In previous years the menus are always double the cost and super crowded. We have […]

Twenty Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas for Friends and Kids


Sezane Sweater with Tulle Skirt

It is hard sometimes to find the best pieces at Free People and  I’m well aware that there might be an “objects in mirror may be closer than they appear” situation. If you shop regularly at Free People you know what I’m talking about. On the model it looks like a dreamy, flowy dress perfect […]

How to find the best pieces at Free People


Curly Hair with Cream Tunic