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abigail albers

this week has been a total and complete roller coaster of emotions, plan, doctors etc. we have seriously had appointments every single day for the otter both at home and at helen devos. the biggest one was with the cardiologist on tuesday¬†morning. otto had his echocardiogram (an ultrasound on his heart) and his EKG. we […]

we have a plan


yesterday was a long day at the helen devos hood. these appointments typically last about 2 – 3 hours not to mention getting there, checking in and of course getting coffee. I swear that starbucks in the hospital has to be the busiest one ever. we got to the appointment early in an attempt to […]

cardiologist appointment update


here we are again heading back in for our routine cardio appointment. i’m not an anxious person typically and i usually thrive on stress but this is a type of stress and anxiety i’ve never experienced before. probably because i never had a kid before haha. i had this conversation with another heart mom the […]

back to the cardio


i know my blog has been a bit sporadic and when i do post it’s usually about the tiny love dictator that robs us of all sleep but melts our hearts all at the same time… but that is seriously 90% of my life right now. sure in between feedings, poo poo changes and pumping […]

otto updated growing up!


my baby is one month old. technically little otto was one month on sunday but we believe in celebrating for days. time seems to have flown by but been so slow at the same time. i look back and i can’t really imagine life how it was without him. i think i’ve learned more about […]

otto one month


the only distinction for me right now between the week and weekend is having papa joe home with us. the days just seem to blur together and just like that otto turned a month old this weekend. joe and i decided it was time to get out of the house which is easier said than […]

weekend recap ottos first penthouse trip


registering for a baby is hard when you’re a new mom that really doesn’t have a clue of what you actually need for a baby. in all reality you need diapers, wipes and bottles. but there are things that make the winding streets of the mother hood easier to navigate around. i read countless mommy […]

ottos favorite registry items


it’s an odd feeling having the weekend knowing that monday is going to be pretty much the same schedule as friday, saturday and sunday was. feed, pump, change diaper, break, repeat. i keep thinking that the weekends i’ll have “off” nope. little otter here is the boss and demands our full attention and schedules at […]

weekend recap rested edition


i feel like each week we make baby steps to achieving a new normal. otto wakes up for his feedings then loves to stay up after dad leaves so i’m usually up by 7am. which doesn’t do me a ton of good because i take the 3am feeding shift but it does give me part […]

finally friday baby steps


i’m starting to realize why it’s called “motherhood”. i’m pretty sure it’s because my 8lb meatloaf is giving me the gang/cult mentality to turn me into a mom. he’s so sweet and charming and does amazing things like randomly finishes a bottle and then snuggles right into my chest and neck only to spew breast […]

no wonder it’s called hood


we’ve officially been home sweet home now for over a week. and approaching otto’s third week of life on this planet. i feel like he’s been here so much longer than that but at the same time the last few weeks have been an absolute blur. i regularly have to check my calendar to see […]

otto update


sorry i’ve been on a brief hiatus from writing everyday. you should know that i’m a bit OCD and I HATE missing my daily posts. it’s what gets my creative juices going and helps me kick off the day. i’ve had to learn to rearrange a few things… due to a certain someone…. ahem otto. […]

weekend recap party of three