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j.crew and tory burch fit guides

At The Market

December 10, 2018

Finding clothing that offers a consistent fit and size can be challenging at times. Nothing is more disappointing than when you order a product in a size that fits only to find a different style from the same brand runs way too big or way to small. I have been having great luck with the fit of Tory Burch clothing and shoes as well as J.crew clothing and shoes. It has been refreshing to ordering things in the same size and each time they fit.

Earlier this season I cleaned out my closet and got rid of everything that was damaged/torn or didn’t fit. I donated, consigned and cleaned out what just didn’t work for me anymore and tried to focus on what I needed and could be worn with multiple outfits and occasions.

My Size for Reference

For reference I am 5’4 and weight 170lbs. I would consider myself hourglass shape with a short torso. All of my fit and sizing reviews for both Tory Burch and J.Crew are based my body type.

J.Crew Fits and Sizing
I have been striking gold lately with the quality and fit of J.crew since the 2018 season. I was on a bit of a cold streak the previous year or so but J.crew has been changing things up again style wise and I’m here for it. I have found several cardigans and other layering pieces that work awesome for work or casual. The sparkle knits are the perfect amount of shimmer and are not itchy because the shimmer is only on the outside.

here are some of my favorite pieces that i’ve kept from past orders along with a review of the size I kept.

Neon Orange Coat Jcrew
  1. the perfect winter boots – I loved these I truly did. I took my normal shoe size 9.5 or in J.Crew 9H. But in the spirit of trying to only keep what I need, I returned because I felt these sorel boots i had were too similar. I have a feeling though i’m going to be regretting returning but … i’m a responsible (mostly) steward of my funds. (i’m being sarcastic)
  2. wrap tie jumpsuit – I have this in red and mustard. guys. it’s the perfect jumpsuit. I’m a shorter gal and sometimes I get permanent wedgies from jumpsuits. This one is so comfy and has a bit of stretch to the material. If you buy it and it’s just a little snug it will give maybe a half inch. A size 10 fit perfectly.
  3. pop corn cable knit sweater – This is the perfect shade of holiday red. I’ve worn it over flannels, with skirts and of course jeans. It’s cozy and warm and it washes well (no pilling). I laid it flat to dry and it looks brand new and this is my go to throw on sweater so it gets it’s fair share of wear.I took a medium.
  4. metallic knit turtleneck sweater – I bought this in a size medium in both the gold and the navy. I’m seriously considering going back for the silver. I like to layer it with sweaters for kind of a 90’s vibe. The metallic is in the fabric so it’s not itchy at all. The shimmer is super festive.
  5. the daphne coat – I have this jacket in the green tweed and the red boiled wool. I bought the tweed last year and they brought it back for 2018. I purchased the red this fall. i took an 8 in both styles. i love that it’s more of a feminine tuxedo fit but still very warm. i did find that the boiled wool version ran a bit bigger (probably because the tweed is a bit stiffer material). but still was happy with the size 8. view it here. I also bought another color in 2020 and wrote about it in my guide to jacket styles.
  6. the long double knit cardigan sweater – I am guilty. I purchased this in all three colors. This cardigan has the same material as the turtleneck so it’s super comfy. It comes about thigh length and instantly adds a little something extra to each outfit.

I could go on and on about what I bought and returned but I only kept the pieces that I knew I would be able to wear over and over. Overall I found that the collection is running true to size with the exception of the velvet (runs super small) and the cardigan (runs a size big).

Typically at J.Crew I wear a…

  • 9H in shoes. What does the H mean at J.crew? Half size. Took me forever to figure that out. I used to wear a 9 but after I had Otto my feet stretched!
  • 12 in pants.
  • 10 in dresses and jumpsuits
  • M in swim tops
  • L in swim bottoms
  • M in knit shirts
  • 10 or L in button ups or blouses
  • 10 in skirts unless they’re velvet then I take a 12

Tory Burch Fit Guide

I have fallen in love with Tory Burch clothing. Typically I can only afford it when it’s on sale especially when they have their online sample sales. I have scored some incredible pieces at 70-80% off but they’re a dreaded ALL SALES FINAL. Luckily every piece I’ve ordered from Tory Burch has fit. their sizing is extremely consistent across the brand. The only thing I would say that typically runs a tad small are the t-shirt dresses. Everything else I am a solid and consistent 10 or Large.

This Tory Burch dress is a size 10 and it’s perfect (was a final sale)

This Tory Burch dress is also a size 10 and was a final sale. 

Ok so now on to shoes…. the sparklier or interesting the better. After I had Otto I swear my feet changed and I’m hearing from a lot of friends that this is a common thing after having a baby. So many of my shoes fit tight and I can’t handle all day having my feet in little leather prisons. (i know, a bit dramatic). Rather than watch the shoes collect dust I parted with the ones that didn’t fit anymore. Sadly, most of them were my boots. Naturally once the black Friday sale hit I restocked my closet.

Tory Burch Silk Dress with Tie

  1. elodie mule – This might be a bit extreme…. But I had to have it. guys the jewels the feathers… it’s amazing. I waited until it was on clearance so it’s not a major splurge/impractical purchase. I just thought these would be super fun to wear with jeans and a big sweater for a bit of dramatic flair. I was in between sizes on these but i stuck with the 9.5 because my heel seemed to overhang off the back of the shoe in the 9.
  2. clara mule – I kept the 9.5 in these. I have been wearing them with everything from jeans to dresses. The bow has wire in it so it holds its shape. The heel is a perfect height as well.
  3. elizabeth pump – I bought these a few months ago because i had a pair of gold Reva flats that finally had to go bye bye. The back was completely worn through but they had a good 3 years of wear. I ended up keeping these in the 9.5. They were a bit big and I could have done the 9 but I wanted to wear thicker tights with them and the 9.5 worked perfect for that.
  4. josephine pump – I had a gift card for Tory Burch for my birthday and these were my “birthday shoe” however the first wear I noticed a few rhinestones were missing. Tory Burch exchanged them for me no questions asked and the new pair is perfect. They have this giant rhinestone bow on the back that provides the perfect amount of sparkle. I wore them with a plaid holiday skirt and turtleneck to the Helen Devos Children’s hospital fundraiser.
  5. clara flat- It’s so funny because the Clara mule fits completely different than the flat. I also took a 9.5 in these shoes but I should have done a 10.
  6. brooke bootie – I had this great pair of boots from a company that is no longer in business That i wore alllll the time in previous seasons. Unfortunately those were the ones that really didn’t fit anymore that were the hardest to part with because they went with everything! I found these though were almost as good of a substitute for those. The heel is a tad higher than I normally would wear but the foot bed is incredibly comfortable.
  7. brooke ankle bootie – I almost returned these… almost. They do make my foot look a little larger but they were so comfortable and look really cute with jeans. I tried both the 9 and the 9.5  and the 9 was just a bit snug.

My standard sizing with Tory Burch is

  • Pants size 10 or large
  • Tops size 10 or large
  • Dresses size 10 or large, t shirt dresses size 12 if available
  • Skirts size 10
  • Shoes 9.5

Returns are frustrating especially when many places are on limited hours. I’ve been a huge fan of stores and brands that offer consistency and I can honestly say that Tory Burch and J.Crew are two of the best.

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