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One year review of our new mattress


May 29, 2019

I can’t even begin to tell you how fast a year goes. This weekend otto was running all over the yard, digging in the dirt and playing in his cozy coop. It seems like just yesterday he was my round little baby that would stay where ever I put him down. We have been really working on getting him to stay in his crib all night and some times it’s a success and sometimes it’s a fail. Regardless, we are continuing to be diligent and working on new tips and tricks.

Solay Mattress

He does however, love sleeping in our bed and I don’t really blame him. We have officially slept on our Solay mattress now for almost an entire year and it still looks and feels brand new. We shopped and shopped around forever and when Solay reached out to us we said we would give it a whirl and we haven’t looked back. I’m shocked at how well the mattress has kept it’s shape. The Solay mattress is a hybrid of premium foam and pocketed-coils which provides the longer-lasting comfort. The mattress also has cooling gel which both Joe and Otto love because they are hot-blooded sleepers. That comes in real handy in the summer because this old farmhouse gets a little toasty.

Foam Mattress

When we were mattress shopping last year it was overwhelming. There are so many options for mail order and also shops everywhere. I visited two mattress stores and left feeling overwhelmed and a bit pressured. The Solay came in a tall box delivered to my front porch. Joe was able to carry it upstairs for it to gain it’s shape before we slept on it. The price is unbeatable and it feels like you are sleeping in a giant hug. The design quality is great too because we have a low profile bed from CB2 and the mattress fits in perfectly without any other special equipment needed (box springs etc).

Foam Mattress

As time continues on I’m grateful this mattress has held up. Otto calls our bed “night night” and to be honest.. I don’t even mind when he comes into our bed, they only want to snuggle with you for so long right?

Solay Mattress

If you are shopping for a mattress I did, and still highly recommend this mattress. If you are interested in purchasing one I have a coupon code for you!  Use promo code ABIGAILPILLOW  for a free pillow ($100 value) when you buy a king or queen size mattress. To redeem the discount make sure the pillow and your mattress of choice are in your shopping cart. If you do not like your mattress you have 101 nights of sleep to change your mind. Let me know what you think!

This post is sponsored by Solay, all thoughts, opinions and honest reviews are my own. 

Bed in the Box
Solay Mattress

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