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otto’s gift guide for toddler boys


December 3, 2018

christmas is coming and that means the season of gifting. i’m clearly not a minimalist but i also don’t want my home overrun with useless plastic toys everywhere. we try to limit ourselves to just a few (like three) useful, practical gifts instead of oodles and oodles of things that will be thrown away  in a month. one of the gifts is usually a few new books but these are some things we’ve accumulated over the year that he absolutely loves and serves great use in our home.

what are your guidelines for gifting for your kids? it’s so hard not to go overboard!

1. LL Bean Kid Sled with Cushion Set – you know i got the buffalo check cover to go with it. I saw my friend The Wandering Eye on instagram last year pulling her little casper guy around in it and I though this is PERFECT for our country walks with otto.

2. Crate and Kids Small Bird Nod Chair and Insert – we bought this for otto last christmas and may have been a bit over zealous because he was 5 months old haha. but over time this has become his favorite place to hang out in the morning while i’m getting ready for work. That is… if he can’t reach my make up bag to empty it.

3. Crate and Kids Playhouse Tent – they replaced the barn version with the tent that we also bought otto for christmas last year. It’s set up in his playroom and he loves hiding from dada when he hears him coming in the door. It was very well made and easy to assemble.

4. Crate and Kids Felt Campfire Set – we purchased this last year for christmas as well. the logs actually came in quite handy for tummy time training. the logs are soft and durable. otto loves throwing the faux charcoal and yelling “Ball!”

5. Summer Infant Bath Seat – this was a game changer for us. being able to sit up in the tub made otto love tubby time again. i also give a lot of credit to this seat for helping him learn to sit up on his own. he was able to balance in the tub and play hands free. we used this until he was 9 months old. this might be my favorite baby product of all time.

6. Wheely Tiger – I bought this for otto a few months ago at a local baby store called Echo Buns when we were first starting to work on crawling. true to otto form he would just flip it over on it’s back and spin the wheels but still provided hours of entertainment. now that he is a bit bigger and stronger he thinks he’s pretty tough stuff sitting on top of the tiger and scooting backwards. it’s a bit pricy but the quality is great and i can tell that it actually has helped otto learn to get around a bit more than just on his behind.

7. Rattle and Roll Grip Car – otto has the larger version and a few small ones. he likes to push them as he scoots around. the kid is obsessed with anything that spins right now. we both like these cars because he can easily grab on to the rubber grips to make them move around the ground. these are a great little opener or stocking suffer.

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