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Small Business Special: Spring Sweet

At The Market

November 23, 2020

Spring Sweet is not just a store, she’s a person. Yes. There is someone on this earth who won the name jackpot with the name Spring Sweet. Let me tell you, the store is just as lovely as the person and I watched the instagram like a crazy person waiting for her to post the pictures from her wedding. Did I mention that Spring Sweet (the store) is also a bridal studio? Someone with amazing taste and eye for design who owns a bridal shop upstairs and a home, gift, clothing store downstairs… the dress is destined to be good.
Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

I had such a good response to the last small business feature that I want to keep this going. Again, the closer we get to the holiday season, the more important it is for you to support small businesses. I read somewhere that Amazon and Target made billions over the pandemic and that’s fine. Every business deserves to make a profit and those places employ a TON of people. However, sharing some of that spending with a small business goes so far in the community, especially right now.

Spring Sweet Fresh Flowers Downtown Holland

Let’s get back to talking about Spring Sweet (the store). This store is like stepping into a little European market right off the heated sidewalks of 8th street in downtown Holland. There are carefully curated displays of dainty jewelry and linen napkins.

This is the type of shop that if you are going to a dinner party you can buy your dress for the event, the jewelry to go with it, and the hostess gift to take with.

She has beautiful coffee table books, an amazing card display as well as a cooler full of fresh, beautiful blooms.

If you are looking for that specific type of flower that you saw on Pinterest, Spring sweet most likely has it in the walk in cooler.

She also has a lovely selection of baby clothing, hats and bonnets in beautiful neutral colors. I love the soft baby leggings with the matching bonnets. It makes me long for the days when otto was just a baby and didn’t demand to wear Mickey Mouse every single day.

Downtown Holland Fresh Flowers

Spring Sweet is located right in downtown Holland off of 8th street. Upstairs is a bridal studio open for appointments. When my little sister was getting married we made an appointment there and the dresses were absolutely stunning. There were so many unique dresses as well as traditional styles. The space itself is just magic.

If you are not local you can shop her site here

View more downtown favorites here!

Note: These photos were taken in March before the pandemic

If you need to do a little holiday shopping for others (or yourself) Spring Sweet is the perfect, beautiful space to take a breather, unwind and feel inspired.

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  1. Terri says:

    Love love love Spring Sweet (the store). Only really seen Spring Sweet (the lady) couple times very kind. Her store is beautiful and every gift I have purchased from her has been loved! My daughter is a regular floral purchaser and they are amazing

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