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Twenty Easter Dresses Under $200 for Women


March 4, 2021

This year I am so hopeful that we will be able to celebrate Easter with a service amongst family and friends. Last year I had the cutest Easter outfit for Otto and he wore it around the yard a few times before we bundled up in our sweats and went for a walk. This year I scoured the internet to find the perfect easter dresses to celebrate in. I remember as a kid my younger brother and I both had coordinating pastel plaid Easter outfits. I had a blue and plaid easter dress with a lace undershirt. I even had a big straw matching hat. My poor brother had dress shorts and suspenders in the matching pastel plaid. He was cute though. This year I ordered myself a new Easter Dress and matching hat.

White long lace button up Sezane dress Easter dresses under $200

I know I have sung the praises of Sezane many times like this sweater outfit or these straight leg jeans, but their new collection of spring dresses are perfect for the Easter holiday. I bought this white button up lace dress to wear for Easter Sunday and it fit perfectly. I ordered my normal size and the buttons were perfectly lined up as intended. I have been wanting to get a new straw hat for spring and summer and this hat from Tuckernuck has been popping up in all of my ad feeds. I have never bought anything from the site before but was thrilled when it arrived in 3 days and the quality was worth every penny. You know how much I love big bows.

It’s hard to find out where to buy Easter dresses for women, especially when a lot of stores have limited inventory or hours. Some of my favorite places to shop for easter dresses or really any dressy occasion are;

Easter Dress Options for women under $200 White lace Easter Dress for women

For dresses that are for a special occasion like Easter I like to make sure that they are not too specific so that I can continue to wear them in new styled ways not just for one occasion. What I love about this Sezane dress is that it could be styled with a cardigan, a different belt or even another sweater over it. I believe that clothing should be chameleons and be able to be styled multiple ways in multiple settings especially if you are going to invest in a high quality piece.

I have scoured the internet to find 20 of the best Easter dresses for women for under $200.  Everything from adorable H & M flowy floral pastels priced at $35 to Sezane lace priced at $190. If the fit is good and the material is durable, it is worth adding to my closet.

Twenty Easter Dresses under $200

I love Easter because it is the first of spring. Flowers are popping out of the ground, the crispness is loosing its winter edge. Not to mention the actual religious holiday. It’s the joy of Christmas without the stress of gifts.

I love how these easter looks have been styled around Pinterest and I’ll be borrowing some inspiration from them throughout the season.

Whenever I buy a dress for a special occasion I always hold on to wait and wear it until the actual day. After that it’s fair game to restyled in any way I can dream up.

When you buy a piece for an event do you hold on to it or do you wear it right away?


Tuckernuck garden bow hat White long lace button up Sezane dress Easter dresses under $200

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