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This cute home decor is from where?!

At The Market

April 3, 2019

I don’t typically post twice in a day.. in fact I can’t remember ever doing that. but I saw an add on my facebook today and could not believe some of these pieces were from… WALMART.

that’s right. walmart. i usually shop there for things like floor cleaner and diapers. i love drew barrymore and her style (i’m not going to defend her choice in movie roles) (but i love 50 first dates). anyway i’m wondering if a floral bed is too girly for my bedroom. I’m obsessed with it and i think i could make it look not so boho by putting it into a more country setting. think a cool updated version of laura ashley and shabby chic. I’m also digging these scallop tufted velvet headboards

i should probably focus on the bed frame I already have but man… so cute!

i am really getting in to the spring spirit around here and am cleaning things (yes even the hardest of hearts can turn) and finally putting some nails into the wall and hanging pictures.

am I the only one who has a hard time putting holes in the wall? some of our farmhouse walls are the old plaster so i should get a little slack. have you ever had to repair plaster?

i’m going off track here.

anyway…. i’m super impressed with the designs from walmart and the affordable price tags. although some of this is a little more than a typical walmart budget. I would be curious to the quality. I have heard good reviews on their moDRN line but have never tried it myself. anyone have feedback?

i tagged/saved some of my favorite items from the collection. (including all the beds above). What I am really on the hunt for and what originally brought me here is curtains for the house specifically the laundry room that faces the road and night stands. I am just not finding the nightstands i’m after.

Walmart furniture line

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