As a latch key kid of the 90’s I would have about one hour before my parents came home after I got out of school. I would race to my mom’s closet and put on her sequin dresses that she wore for cruises, banish my little brother to the basement and watch myself in the mirror as I played piano along with Celine Dion’s greatest hits. 

In the summer’s I would employee my little sister and friends at the campground to assemble bead animals all morning long. I would race back from the beach to set up my table stand and sell beaded lizards and ladybugs to anyone who might be on their way to the playground. 

Hi! I’m the girl with one too many floral oil paintings, champagne always in the fridge and garden dirt under my fingernails. Grab one of my antique bentwood chairs and snuggle up to the kitchen table. I have a lot cookin and I can’t wait to tell you about it. 

I'm abigail albers

Think of me as your Midwest Martha Stewart

I should have known that someday that sequin clad, bead animal hustling girl would blossom into a sequin clad entrepreneur with one too many hobbies and passions. 

I am the owner of a shop that I opened with two friends that has blossomed from a 2400 square foot building with a caved in roof to an 18,000 square foot retail space with a team of 15 amazing women and our very own loading dock. 

In addition to the shop, I am an avid gardener, home chef, she - shepherd and antiquer. I live on a 12 acre farm in west Michigan with my level headed, charming accountant and husband, Joe and my vivacious, curious, cat farmer and beloved son, Otto. In the garden you’ll find me with armfuls of fresh tomatoes heading in for dinner with the juices spilling all over my tulle skirt from work and a pocket full of basil. I grow over 1,000 flowers each summer across from my collection of David Austin roses.  

I’m known for being a collector of collections (or hoarder) and I have a deep passion for antiques especially floral oil paintings, ironstone, loving cup trophies and jadeite. I travel all over the United States to find treasures to bring back to my shop and home. 

Think of me as your Midwest Martha Stewart. Here in this space we are going to cook together, grow together, antique and shop together and build a community surrounding the beautiful things in life. Thank you for being here and supporting my passions upon passions. 

Abigail, but you can call me Abby 

our journey so far

how we got here

Our sweet baby girl Iris June is born in April! After many years of heartache and struggles, our sweet girl is here to complete our family. Her gender was a surprise to us all and her closet is already full. Iris means rainbow and it's one of my favorite flowers. God has truly blessed us this year with Otto's continuing health and our little girl Iris.



George Washington Albers the tri colored rough collie comes home to the Alber's farm. We greatly missed having our collie dogs after Binks and Butters passed away. Getting a new puppy when you're not living in your house is not a good idea. Christmas was the perfect time to start the process and George came to live with us forever in January. 



We move back in to our farmhouse! Even though we are far from finished it feels good to be home and making more progress. Restoring an old house takes time, love and dedication and we're in it for the long haul. 


The big farm renovation is underway! We are so excited to finally give this home the upgrade and maintenance she deserves. We are in a time of transition but cannot wait to move back in to our home. 


Otto joined the farm! We welcomed a spunky baby boy to farm life. We had a bit of a rough start with his medical needs, but he is so strong and persevered defying so many odds. He is truly a muddy puddle, tractor driving, cat farmer. 


We added our first animals to the farm. 3 Icelandic Ewes, Betty, Bebe and Babs and 1 Icelandic Ram, Stanly. Betty, Bebe and Babs are still with us today and are the mothers of the herd, Betty being the one in charge of course. 


We bought a farm! I remember the excitement of pulling in the driveway after it was finally ours. The first week we lived there the well went out. A few hiccups but we made the farmhouse ours.