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We are slowly making progress on our old farmhouse this year. While it’s not the large renovation we were hoping for we are grateful to be checking things off the list. We had a gentleman do a lot of work around The Found Cottage last year and he’s been helping around our farm with projects […]

How we replaced our farmhouse porch

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Farmhouse Historic Porch Replacement

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a child get so excited over a new jute rug for his bedroom that he doesn’t even sleep in than Otto. When he walked into his bedroom after I put the rug down he yelled “MOM! Did you order this for me?! Thank you! I love it! It’s so […]

Otto’s New Bedroom Jute Rug

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Otto and his new Jute Rug for his gender neutral sheep bedroom

Since our home remodel has been pretty much put on hold until the unforeseeable future courtesy of insane lumber prices and labor shortages we are slowly making the short term fixes around the house and farm. We are patching the brick instead of replacing and we are holding off on new windows until we are […]

Barndominium Style

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Old Farm Lean To

When I found this vintage style cast iron farmhouse sink I knew exactly where in my house it would go. Before the room was even being demoed I knew I had to have it. This downstairs bathroom (click for before pictures) is off of the screened in porch and connects the back pool area to […]

Vintage Style Cast Iron Farmhouse Sink

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Dark blue navy bathroom

Do you remember that post about the booth at the antique show that said “EVERYTHING IN THIS TENT CAME FROM A VICTORIAN ERA GARBAGE DUMP”? Well guess what? That booth also had a bunch of antique English advertising containers as well (and a bunch of other treasures to behold). In his booth towards the back […]

All About English Advertising Containers

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What are old english advertising containers

I know what you are thinking, another collection? I know I know but we’ve known each other long enough now to know that I can’t stop, won’t stop right? These antique mineral water bottles intrigued me inside of a booth at the Springfield Antique when I walked past the white tent that said “EVERYTHING IN […]

Antique Mineral Water Bottle Collection Codd Neck Bottle

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Where to find vintage glass bottles

Back in September my pal Ashley and I packed our bags and drove about five hours south to Springfield Ohio for the big antique extravaganza. Honestly it was one of the only flea markets of the year thanks to covid and we spent the entire weekend from sun up to sun down shopping the fields […]

How to Hang Wall Sconces

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How to Hang Sconces

The final stop on our virtual holiday tour takes us to the Christmas living room for 2020. This room seems to decorate itself. When joe requested that at least one room in our home have carpet I knew the living room needed plaid. The set up of our house is very seasonal. In the winters […]

Christmas Living Room 2020

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Vintage Antiques on the Holiday Mantles

It started with hauling out a faux Christmas tree back in November that was way too big for this room. Otto was begging to put up a Christmas tree but it was too early to get the real one that we put in our living room. We went to the pole barn and I tossed […]

Pink Poinsettias For Christmas in the Farmhouse Bedroom

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Vintage brick farmhouse fireplace

We are slowly making our way through the virtual holiday tour of my home this year. I’ve had so much fun getting out all of my collections with Otto this year. So far we’ve had only two ornament casualties and one was because he bolted into the living room and cuffed the aluminum tree with […]

Christmas in the Cocktail Lounge

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Santas in the Parlor Farmhouse Christmas Decorating

This year in lieu of parties and guests and gatherings I thought I would focus on getting out all of my vintage Christmas collections. They needed a good cleaning, organizing and inventory as year after year I hurriedly tossed them in bins after the holidays. This year I got everything out and grouped my collections […]

Deck the Dining Room with Vintage Christmas

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Vintage Dancing Santa Collection

Fall nights on the farm are a completely different kind of magic than summer nights on the farm. When I pull in the driveway at night coming home from work the sun is shining directly on the fall leaves illuminating all the colors. It’s bitter sweet because each day there is a larger and larger […]

Fall Leaves on the Farm

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Fall around the farm