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Cosmos are one of the easiest things to grow in the flower garden. (see my 3 easiest flowers to grow guide here) They don’t love a ton of water, they don’t like a ton of fertilizer, they just bloom. The only issue I have with them is they need a lot of support. Which, don’t […]

My Cut Flower Garden: Cosmos

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The majority of my David Austin Roses have not even completed their first season and the results have been spectacular. With a little bit of tender loving care each week they have flourished and bloomed and I have not had one single failure from my 2021 order. The only ones that have struggled are the […]

What is so Special About David Austin Roses

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David Austin Roses for Cutting Arrangements

I finally did it last fall. I finally bundled up and headed outside in the cold and planted hundreds of tulips, daffodils, alliums and hyacinths in the ground before it hardened and froze before the Michigan winter hit. While I experienced some disappointments with the amount of success, the row has produced a few handfuls […]

Spring Flowers: Daffodils, Hyacinths, Tulips and Alliums

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When do I plant Daffodils?

It’s almost that time in Michigan to get started with indoor seedling! While I started out as a vegetable grower, each year more and more of my garden is taken up by growing cut flowers. Last year 70% of my garden was cut flowers. We even grew enough to have a little flower stand out […]

14 Places to Buy Cut Flower Seeds

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14 places to buy cut flower seeds

We are more and more starting to catch our first glimpses of spring here in Michigan. This week the brown hued grass is peeping out, matted from being under inches of snow the past few months. Bit by bit February is giving way to March and soon the April showers will bring us the much […]

Three Flowers Beginner Gardens Should Grow From Seed

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A big bucket of home grown zinnias

When I was a kid my grandma had the most magical place. She was a restaurant owner. Not only was she a restaurant owner her home was her restaurant. She and my grandpa restored a victorian parsonage to it’s original glory before youtube and before the diy network. She was a true O.G. when it […]

Where to buy David Austin Roses for your Garden

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How to order Bare Root David Austin Roses

The garden is 100% officially done. We had two really harsh frosts this week and the dahlias that were left standing are officially brown. It was a true gift to be able to cut flowers all the way in to October. One of the good things to come from 2020 was a strong and healthy […]

Final Florals from the Garden

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Vintage Oil Painting of man

The discussion lately in Garden Group (free group on Facebook for all things gardening) is that so many online garden seeds sources are sold out! Territorial Seed closed their website and sent an email that never in their 35 years of business have they ever had this type of overwhelming demand. While I’ll agree this […]

Online Garden Seeds

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Plant Lady T Shirt from The Found Cottage

Yesterday morning we got a fun surprise in the mail! I had ordered dahlia bulbs around January and completely forgot about them. It was from a flash sale email and the price was too good to resist. ( like always, right?) Well, 30 bulbs might have been a little over zealous but they came in […]

Planting Bulbs for the Garden

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Heart of a Lion Toddler T shirt planting bulbs in the garden

i was working in my flower garden last night before dinner and it was HOT. i mean two bottles of water guzzled, dripping with sweat hot. I thought to myself, thanks a lot michigan, you went from being 50F and rainy for two months to 90F and blazing heat. regardless, plants are resilient and with […]

How to start a garden at Robins Flower Garden

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starting a garden

i had the opportunity to cross something off of my creative bucket list this month and that was to take a floral class with kalin from Sweetwater Floral. if you are not following her on instagram you are missing out. she’s witty, funny and smart. the total package. I love growing my own flowers each […]

how to make a simple floral arrangement

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Simple tricks for floral arrangements

you guys.. otto slept from 10pm-4am and then again from 5am – currently sleeping. what did i do to deserve such good luck? maybe baby boy is starting to realize his parents are so much more fun when they’re rested. and when they’re rested they can do more fun things like play with fall decor. […]

simple fall dining room decor

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