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Creating this guide, gifts for the gardener makes my heart ache a little. I miss the morning walks through the garden. Now they’re just covered in snow. I think though that this gift guide is the one I’m most passionate about because if you are buying for someone in your life who loves to garden […]

Gift Guide: Gifts for the Gardener


Gift Guide for the Gardener

When I was pregnant I would scroll for hours looking at all of the beautiful handcrafted heirloom wooden toys on etsy. I dreamed of a mess free playroom stacked perfectly with well made stunning toys that would spark my babies imagination and turn him into a tiny little Einstein genius. I wouldn’t even get mad […]

Ottos Gift Guide: Plastic Crap He Begs For


Downtown Holland Candy Store

Otto is at the stage where he could play with tiny figurines and play sets for hours. This comes in really handy while we are all working from home and have conference calls throughout the day. He loves mixing everything together and it’s so fun to watch his imagination work when he plays. It’s hilarious […]

Gift Guide: Farm Loving Kid


Farm Kid Gift Guide

  Guess what time it is? GIFT GUIDE TIME! I am obsessed with putting these gift guides. There are so many fun trinkets and treasures out there that I cannot wait to share all my finds with you. Most of mine this year are going to be focused on things we can do and use […]

Gift Guide: Home Bartender


Gift Guide for the Home Bartender

i’m not a fan of valentines day. or am i? i don’t know. i’m on the fence. joe and i used to go out on valentines day for the fancy dinner and the gifts and chocolates but as we got older and wiser that places are packed and expensive on valentines day we made a […]

garden gifts for valentines day


preserving the pint – marisa wrote the first recipe i ever preserved. the tomato jam on her blog is insanely delicious. i went a few years using this book not realizing they were the same author! if you can’t get enough of her blog recipes then check this book out. she is super thorough and […]

my favorite cookbooks for christmas gifts

Food & Beverage

i love cooking and baking but what i don’t love is a bunch of random kitchen gadgets around the house. i love a good spatula but i don’t need an avocado pitter. you know what i am saying? i have a few devices that have earned themselves a permanent spot in the kitchen and over […]

abby’s gift guide for the home cook

Food & Beverage