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November 12, 2020


Guess what time it is? GIFT GUIDE TIME! I am obsessed with putting these gift guides. There are so many fun trinkets and treasures out there that I cannot wait to share all my finds with you. Most of mine this year are going to be focused on things we can do and use at home because well…. it’s 2020. I’m bound and determined to make the most of this holiday season despite how different it looks. First up, gift guide for the home bartender.

I had so much fun reading through all of your suggestions on Instagram for gift guides and some are things I would have never thought of! I think my greatest challenge this year will be creating the guide for the guy who has everything… but I’m up for the challenge. I’m bound and determined to not get my dad another crew neck sweater this year. (He is one of those guys who never makes a list and never asks for anything) . So.. challenge accepted.

First up is the gift guide for the home bartender. There is so much amazing barware out there.

Home Bartender Gift Guide

Gift Guide for the Home Bartender

1. Wine Holder | 2. Cocktail Shaker | 3. Old Fashioned Glasses | 4. Bar Cart |

5. Vintage Fish Decanter | 6. Cocktail Book | 7. Cocktail Set | 8. Bar Book |

9. Wine Chiller


Many of these items are on my own Christmas list and I think the number one thing I am hoping for is that wine chiller back in the pre pandemic days we’d go for brunch at New Hotel Mertens and get toast and quiche with a bottle of champagne. Currently most of our weekends are brunch at home and the fridge is usually full of groceries for the week so we have to squeeze champagne in there. That is where this chiller comes in handy.

I love a good bar book and I picked up the Merry Cocktail book from Rebel. There are so many great punch recipes in it that I can’t wait to try. Joe and I have a Christmas tradition where we open presents together at night with a really good bottle of wine but maybe we’ll change it up this year and make a punch.

I always like to have a bit of vintage mixed into my bar cart and I thought this vintage fish decanter and shot set would be so fun sitting out on display. Speaking of bar cart, This one from anthropolgie is a dream. If I didn’t have a piece of vintage furniture in my lounge area I would for sure splurge on that.

There are so many fun options for glassware at CB2 but I am obsessed with these old fashion glasses that stack on each other. I think they would be so pretty with some candle light in the back ground.

I limited my finds to 9 but I would check out the sites in the links for more treasures and inspiration.

I can’t wait to “shop” with you all online!

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