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October 28, 2021

One of my favorite quotes from The Devil Wears Prada is when Miranda unenthusiastically mutters “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” However… Florals for fall or fall floral foliage albeit not ground breaking is a little against the grain from the large cable knit sweaters we see this season.

In line with Mirandas sentiment I have not seen anything that exciting for fall. I walked through a few stores yesterday after work  and I left with absolutely nothing. Not saying that I have to buy something every time. However, there was very little to be excited about. Many things were still leaning towards loungewear and the stay home aesthetic. Which great, love it but this girl is ready for a little bit of glam. I also felt that a lot of companies were just reissuing previous styles but slightly different colors and patterns. I love some of my basics but I don’t need them in a slightly different shade of beige.

One of my favorite brands over the past year that keeps surprising me is Sezane. Over the past year or two I’ve purchased several pieces from the brand and have been extremely impressed every single time. This outfit is no different. Madewell did not reissue my favorite pants so I’m thrilled I found the Sezane Theophile Trouser. I bought them in both the yellow and the hot pink. Because, who doesn’t need hot pink wool pants right?

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Sezane Fleur Sweater in Multicolored

Note: I highly recommend following Sezane on Instagram because their style videos are so inspirational. They launch collections on Wednesdays and Sunday mornings (9:30 Paris Time) and it sells out quick! I typically find though that if I sign up to be notified of things that come back in stock about a week or two later I get a notification.

I paired these wool sezane trousers with the fleur jumper also from Sezane. I have this sweater in two additional floral prints because it’s light enough weight to wear for layering.

For size reference I am 5’4” and 175lbs. I took a size 42 in the trousers and a medium in the jumper.

The pants were just a smidge tight in the waist but hey, i’m a woman and that changes on the daily.

How to style the Sezane Fleur Sweater

I like these pants because they are not itchy, incredibly made and a good fit. They look adorable with a tailored button up or a full sweater. I like to keep things tidied and tailored when wearing something a bit oversized with a belt. Sometimes as a shorter gal you can get lost in fabric and a belt just highlights the smallest part of my middle frame, the waist. Like, hey! Im still here under this fabric!

Have you given Sezane a try yet? What are some brands that have been inspiring you this season?

Sezane Fleur Jumper How to style the Sezane Mohair Fleur Jumper Sezane THÉOPHILE TROUSERS in yellow Yellow THÉOPHILE TROUSERS How to style the Sezane THÉOPHILE TROUSERS

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  1. Erin says:

    I like your outfit! Did you have to get these pants tailored? I’m also 5’4” and online the inseam is 33.5” which is long for us shorter ladies.

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