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October 20, 2021


Fall at the Holland Farmers Market

I think that shopping for fall clothing might be my favorite season to shop for. I love all the plaids, sweaters and crisper weather. Although, fall in Michigan has been very reminiscent of summer time. The temperatures are slowly starting to fall though, and we have our first threat of frost in the forecast. This past week at the farmers market was one of the first times I busted out one of my new fall tops from Sezane. I’ve been  obsessed with the Sezane brand for about a year now. The quality of each piece i’ve purchased has held up and the fits are very consistent.

The sizes are all listed in US and European and new collections are released on Wednesdays and Sundays (Paris time). This fall I have purchased two new pairs of dress pants as these old favorites of mine from Madewell do not have much life left in them considering how often I wear them. I’ve also purchased a plaid blazer and this plaid top with the white lace collar. I like how structured and thicker the material is compared to my other tops.

Aside from the top, the rest of my outfit is 1 – 2 years old. Over the past few years I’ve been pickier about what I purchase in terms of quality and fit. I used to keep so many things that didn’t fit the best because they were on sale and they just took up room in my closet. It”s a bad habit I know! But this entire outfit was so comfortable for wearing out to the farmers market and right into the office.

Shop the look below here

Sezane Plaid Top with White Collar Fall outfits at the Holland Farmers market Plaid Sezane Top is excellent quality Madewell Pants, Louis Vuitton on the Go Monogram with Sezane plaid top Plaid Outfit from Sezane

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