These Christmas traditions are what make all the hustle and bustle of this holiday season worth it to me. We were never real tree people until Otto was born (funny how kids do that for ya) and ever since then we decided welp, time for a real tree. It was a happy decision not only […]

On the hunt for the perfect real tree


Our Favorite Christmas Tree Farm in Michigan

Just one more thing checked off the Christmas list, Ottos meeting with Santa Claus. This year Otto is all in on believing in Santa and he was adamant that he had to get Santa his list. When my friend Sarah announced she was doing mini sessions with Santa I signed us up thinking it would […]

Otto Meets Santa Claus


Pictures with Santa

One of my favorite things to do with Otto when we start to get a little stir crazy as the snow begins to melt is to bundle up and go for a long walk in the woods. Nature walks for kids and adults alike are so therapeutic and help clear your mind and relieve stress. […]

Scavenger Hunt Nature Walk For Kids


Otto in the woods

Last week after a particularly long day I met up with my pal Ashley to take a few photos around town and hit up our favorite book store. We were driving around looking for the perfect spot when we came up on this little building with the name TACO BAR. Doesn’t get much clearer than […]

My Favorite Taco Bars in West Michigan


Delicious new Taco Bar

This weekend we needed a break. We needed to get away and we were also without a baby sitter. We put our heads together and decided to head north with our little family and our son Otto to meet up with my sister and brother in law. There are so many fun things to do […]

Fun Things to do In Traverse City with Kids


Sledding hill at leland lodge

This past week while Otto and I were cooped up in quarantine we decided to take a drive to check out the lake Michigan ice balls. I had seen the article on the news about them starting to form and thought.. what else are we going to do today? The sun was out and it […]

Outdoor Activity: Exploring the Lake Michigan Ice Balls


Fun things to do during quarantine outside Michigan with Toddlers

Like previously stated this year I am not making goals or resolutions for this new year. 2021 is already off to a rocky start and I’m finding myself sinking a bit deeper and deeper into the seasonal depression that a lot of midwesterners get this time of year. The days are dark and snowy and […]

Word of the year: Invest


Word of the year Invest

Valentines Day is most likely going to be spent at home for Joe and I. That means, it’s time for some Valentine’s Day DIY gifts! This is actually the one “holiday” where Joe and I opt to stay home anyway. In previous years the menus are always double the cost and super crowded. We have […]

Twenty Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas for Friends and Kids


Sezane Sweater with Tulle Skirt

Winter has arrived in Michigan and we are being creative with finding fun things to do outside of the house. We’ve been finding many fun winter trails that involve tracking through the snow and ice. As much as I love the adorable knit snowsuits (and those have their place) when we are out to lake […]

Practical Warm and Versatile Outdoor Gear for Kids


Carhartt Apparel for Kids in The Winter

Last year we celebrated NYE with our friends and their children at the Leland Lodge. It was amazing. We played card games, we went sledding, we did a little wine tasting. It was really a magical time and something we were hoping to turn into a yearly tradition. I’m hopeful in 2021 we’ll be celebrating […]

Ten Fun Ideas to Celebrate NYE 2020


Telling secrets with Otto

It’s crazy to think that last year at this time we were all gathering with friends and families blissfully unaware of what was about to come our way in 2020. If you would have told me then what was going to go down in March, I would have thought you were crazy. But here we […]

Merry Christmas 2020


Hannah Anderson Matching Pajamas in Christmas Tree Print

The weekend before Joe went hunting we bundled up and went Christmas tree hunting our neighbors tree farm. It sounds a bit like a hallmark movie scenario doesn’t it? living next to a tree farm? Except I didn’t leave a big bustling career in NYC to return to rural Allegan to fall in love with […]

Christmas Tree Hunting


Otto looking up at the biggest tree