This Michigander Repurposed Her Farm to a Fun Air BnB


October 1, 2021

Today we are heading back to Emily’s farm once more to tour another one of her rehabbed buildings on the farm. Previously we toured the garden shed that was transformed into the perfect pre wedding bridal hangout so it only makes sense that we continue on to the repurposed gentleman’s quarters of her venue.

I remember back when I got married and I just waited in the same room I went to children’s Sunday School in and Joe and the groomsman were in the church basement. My my my how things have glowed up huh? PS my centerpieces were also faux floral. So boom.

Repurposed Michigan Barn

From coop to hangout, Emily has transformed each corner of this old barn structure into the perfect spot to laugh and hang out before the main event complete with an antique pool table and full bar. My personal favorite is the old leather chesterfield off in the corner of the building.

While walking through the venue it felt very old school lodge / pub which I think is the idea she was going for. Mission accomplished. It’s the perfect spot for the groomsman to hang out while they’re waiting for their cue (get it? Pool reference I think?)

A lot of the pieces found here were scouted from local flea markets, antique shows and antique stores. It’s a complete departure from the other barn in her house. Masculine, earth tones and woodsy. The element that these two structures have in common though is both once again found a way to bring the outside in.

Farmhouse Barn refurbished into a fun hangout

All of the art work in this house are vintage pieces Emily has found over the years. The vintage ribbons hung in a line above the doorway are ribbons she has won over the years. I love the faded yet vibrant colors, they add depth to the brown layered tons of the wood walls.

The pictures just not do it justice how cool this place is. If you want to see it for yourself she offers the farm up as both a venue and an airbnb.

click here for details 

It’s almost like a game on her farm. Another round of “you’ll never guess what is inside this old building”. Everything has this feel of scattered intentionality, structured but natural nature. The flowers bloom where they please but they seem to do so in a perfectly patterned style. It’s like the great philosopher Carrie Bradshaw once said, In math, randomness is a pattern.

I like to picture a cozy fall night with friends drinking beers, listening to old country music and playing pool and laughing after a long hard week of working. This is a wonderfully curated gathering spot and I can’t wait to watch how it continues to evolve over the years. What is your favorite area of this renovated barn?

Inside a repurposed Grainery in West Michigan Vintage Barn Shed Vintage County Fair ribbons Scotch Collie Puppy Historic Michigan Farmhouse Large Hydrangeas on a Michigan Farm Vintage decorated historic Michigan Farm with cement urns Vintage decorated historic Michigan Farm Old historic Grainery Beautiful Garden outside Michigan Air BnB Michigan Farm Air BnB

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  1. Emily says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! I had a blast giving you the tour 🙂

  2. Lori says:

    So sweet❤️

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