Garden Shed Repurposed into Quaint Hangout


September 16, 2021

From the moment I stepped foot on to Emily’s farm I could feel the magic. I’ve known Emily for years and we’ve talked plants and farming and she’s done a lot of work on our farm and cottage but the timing never worked out for me to stop by her farm and check it out. On a particularly frustrating morning I just needed a break. I knew I couldn’t kick off my day the way it was going so I texted her to see if she was around and just like that here I was. It worked out nice because her farm is halfway between my home and office so it was a great way to restart the day.

After my tour and visit of Emily’s farm I knew I couldn’t condense everything into one post. Especially when I got home and realized that I took over 300 photos. I thought it would be best to break it up into a three part series starting with her garden shed that has been repurposed into a quaint hangout.

Vintage Furniture for She Shed

This building sits back towards the back of her property facing the house. She rents out her farm on AirBnB and for weddings as well as for other events. Brides are able to get ready for their big day in the garden shed but it’s also a great place for guests to unwind and enjoy the farm. I like to picture how relaxing and beautiful this would be while it’s raining and reading a book listening to the tap tap tap on the old windows.

Emily has been so intentional with the spaces on her farm. She makes everything feel warm, welcomed and lived in. I see her out and about at a lot of the same antique markets and it was so fun to see what she’s done with her finds. I live how she incorporates her love of gardens and plants inside as well as out. The thoughtful herb planters and topiaries scattered throughout the shed bring a touch of the outside in and help contribute to the cozy feeling of the shed.

Stay tuned for more of Emily’s farm in the coming month.

You can read more about her farm rental here. 


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  1. Ananda says:

    In the words of Diane Keaton in Father of the Bride, “Nice shack, babe.”

  2. Diane says:

    Very beautifully perfect — peaceful French.

  3. Jen says:

    Oooooohhhhh myyyyyyy goodnesssss. I think we’ll have to book when we make our trip up!

  4. Elma says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!

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