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Do you remember that post about the booth at the antique show that said “EVERYTHING IN THIS TENT CAME FROM A VICTORIAN ERA GARBAGE DUMP”? Well guess what? That booth also had a bunch of antique English advertising containers as well (and a bunch of other treasures to behold). In his booth towards the back […]

All About English Advertising Containers

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What are old english advertising containers

I know what you are thinking, another collection? I know I know but we’ve known each other long enough now to know that I can’t stop, won’t stop right? These antique mineral water bottles intrigued me inside of a booth at the Springfield Antique when I walked past the white tent that said “EVERYTHING IN […]

Antique Mineral Water Bottle Collection Codd Neck Bottle

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Where to find vintage glass bottles

A few weeks ago my pal Ashley and I went for a road trip for the first time since March. It was a bit nerve wracking at first but once we hit the road it felt soooo good to get a change of scenery. We rented a little air bnb in Urbana, Ohio about 20 […]

Exploring Urbana Ohio Springfield Antique Extravaganza


Cupcake Shop Urbana Ohio Lets Eat Cake

When my friend Mark said that he was expanding his store, Warehouse 55 you know I had to make the 3 hour road trip to have some solo shopping time in the new Warehouse 55 Expansion. I first visited the store back when they first opened and found so many beautiful and amazing things for […]

Warehouse 55 Expansion and Grand Opening

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Vintage European Style

This weekend one of my favorite antique stores, Garden House Vintage Market was having their weekend sale and of course you know I can’t resist an antique sale. I’m so grateful that we are able to shop (safely) and browse antique malls again. It reminds me of when Otto was a newborn and antique stores […]

Weekend Antiquing at Garden House Antiques

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Wandering the aisles of Garden House Antiques

Last Memorial day weekend was all about cookouts, cottages and flea markets. This year will most likely be spent at home with my family hopefully enjoying some nice weather and the garden. We have been so busy around the farm getting ahead of all our projects during this time at home and weather permitting it […]

My Favorite Places for Antique and Handmade Online

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Linen apron with Ruffle Detail

Along with pyrex, vintage tablecloths were one of the very first things I hunted for at flea markets and estate sales. I love the bright cheery color and floral patterns and the way they look pressed and folded neatly in my display cupboard. I used them for my sister in laws baby shower and it […]

How to shop and care for Vintage Tablecloths

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Vintage Tablecloth Collection

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go see Hamilton with Joe on a Sunday afternoon. We saw the show and had dinner together after which has not happened in a really long time. Don’t get me wrong we go out all the time but it’s typically with Otto and our conversation gets interrupted […]

Martha but make it Abby

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Vintage Antique IronStone Collection

This Christmas season feels rushed. I didn’t think it would be a big deal that we had one less weekend in between Thanksgiving and Christmas but it sure did make a difference. This holiday season I didn’t do my typical set up. I put decorations that I already had in new places like the mantle […]

Bottle Brush Tree Mantle

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Lafayette Green Benjamin Moore Mantle

Have you been to Warehouse 55 Vintage and Antiques lately? When I heard that my lovely and talented friend Mark was going to be opening his own shop in Aurora, IL… I knew it was going to be good. Like over the top good. He has such a creative eye and a taste in vintage […]

Warehouse 55 Vintage and Antique Store

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Warehouse 55 Vintage and Antique Store in Aurora Il.

I’m not quite sure when I came across my first piece of Ironstone but somehow it’s exploded into yet another collection, go figure.  Unlike Jadeite or Pyrex Ironstone can be a little harder to identify. Jadeite is known for it’s green translucent color and Pyrex has it’s signature patterns Ironstone has several different makers and […]

A New Collectors Guide to Ironstone


A beginners guide to Ironstone

We’ve talked about my hoarding collections before the trophies, the ironstone, the pyrex, the jadeite….. i could go on forever baby. i thought it would be fun to do a series of some tips and tricks i’ve learned over time to find specific items. Since I added a new lady to my wall i thought […]

How to Find Vintage Oil Paintings

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How to find Vintage Oil Paintings at flea markets and antique stores.