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September 27, 2019

Have you been to Warehouse 55 Vintage and Antiques lately? When I heard that my lovely and talented friend Mark was going to be opening his own shop in Aurora, IL… I knew it was going to be good. Like over the top good. He has such a creative eye and a taste in vintage like I’ve never seen around here. When I was in Chicago last week I knew I had to stop in and check it out. I drove out of the city and into the cute town of Aurora, Illinois to pay him a visit. He had just opened the night before and I heard the open house was amazing. Fingers crossed there was still treasure left for me to shop! The store is called Warehouse 55 and it is a rustic and industrial beautiful setting for all of the beautiful vintage vignettes he and his vendors have put together.

Warehouse 55 Vintage and Antique Store in Aurora Il.

I am pretty sure I walked around the shop with my mouth hanging open gawking at all the beautiful pieces he has in the shop. I was impressed with the variety of pieces and the fairness of the prices. There was something for every budget and style from midcentury to farmhouse. Everything though had a touch of glam to it and I was in love. I was like a kid in the candy store but couldn’t look with my eyes I had to touch everything!  I made myself snap photos before really shopping because I knew I would get caught up and forget. This is not your typical antique store. Each booth is displayed with such care and attention to detail that it is like walking through many tiny curated shops.

Warehouse 55 Vintage and Antique Store in Aurora Il.

I feel like I left so many things in behind because I was so busy taking it all in! I am still kicking myself for leaving this toile sofa behind but it was one of those things where I could not figure out where it would go. It’s still in my head and the second I figure out where it could go, it’s coming to my house. I am so anxious to get this remodel underway so I can start searching for more permanent fixtures for our home. I’m currently collecting vintage oil floral paintings to line the staircase with and have been able to find quite a few here over my visits.

The other thing I took notice of was the lighting in this space. Mark had so many unique fixtures hanging from the ceiling and lamps on the table including this amazing floral lamp you can see a bit to the right of the photo below. It provided a nice cozy ambiance for shopping and made it feel like you were in someones home rather than a huge warehouse.
Warehouse 55 Vintage and Antique Store in Aurora Il.

I was shocked to see he was selling some of his trophy collection. You think mine is big? You should see Marks. That sounded a bit questionable but get you mind out of the gutter I’m talking vintage trophy collections here. When I asked him what he was thinking he said he had to narrow it down by colors. So the ones for sale here are different metal tones than what he kept at home. There were some amazing and beautifully labeled trophies in the case. I refrained though, I was on a mission. Regretting that decision now and I might will be going back.

Warehouse 55 Vintage and Antique Store in Aurora Il.

So what did I come home with? Not near as much as I should have which is why I will be making a trip back. I am looking for a small cabinet to put in Pentwater to hold our blankets and games etc and I found the most perfect white metal doctors cabinet from Mark’s collection. However as I was driving home I kept thinking about our bathroom remodel and how cute that cabinet would be in there…. which it would be cute in there… which means the cabinet hunt would continue.. we shall see. I also left Mark’s shop with an amazing large basket chest. I have been putting these in different rooms that otto likes to play in because it hides all of his random toys that he likes to cart around. When it’s time to “clean up” all of it goes directly into the baskets and all is right in the world.

Warehouse 55 Vintage and Antique Store in Aurora Il.

If you are looking for a fun town to spend some time in head to Warehouse 55 in Aurora. There was so many cute little buildings around and tons of places close by to explore. It was about 50 minutes out of the city (traffic) but well worth the drive. They are open Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm and Sundays 11am – 4pm. Address: 55 South Lake Street. Aurora IL.

It is important my friends, to support small businesses. They are the hopes and dreams of the creators and it takes blood sweat and tears to keep them going. My friend Mark has a true gift and his store is worth the drive and picking up a little something for you and your home at. And by little something I mean a basket and a doctors cabinet. If you are anywhere near the Chicago area you have to make time to go grab a cup of good coffee and take in the antiques and vintage beauty of Warehouse 55.

PS. They expanded! 

PPS. They’re opening a second location soon!

Warehouse 55 Vintage and Antique Store in Aurora Il. Warehouse 55 Vintage and Antique Store in Aurora Il. Warehouse 55 Vintage and Antique Store in Aurora Il. Warehouse 55 Vintage and Antique Store in Aurora Il. Warehouse 55 Vintage and Antique Store in Aurora Il.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for sharing this. His store isn’t far from us. Going to take a trip out there today.

  2. Lori says:

    Hello! Thank you for sharing! I hope visit his shop someday. Lori

  3. Nancy says:

    So glad they are bring downtown Aurora back to life. When I was younger it was booming in the 80’s (showing my age) then started to go down hill. On your next trip you need to check out Vintage Market that is straight north on Lake St (Rt 31) I think your friend Mark sells stuff there. Very cute store with lots of different things there.

  4. Wrennknits says:

    Hmm, if tall enough, I love a settee or sofa on one side of dining room table.
    ( just trying to help a girl out lol)

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