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Pentwater Tiny Cottage Pentwater Michigan

Otto is obsessed with the “little house” in Pentwater and begs to go back every time I pick him up from daycare. When Joe and I bought this place back in 2012 it was nothing to brag about. It had been a home to mice and who knows what else, electrical cords taped together and […]

Q & A Pentwater Cottage The Little House

House & Home

We headed back up to “the little house” as otto has named it to continue to put the finishing touches on the interior. We have some things that will have to wait until the end of the summer but I have been dying to just hang some pictures on the loft walls.  I have been […]

Pentwater Cottage Loft Progress

House & Home

vintage cottage pentwater Michigan

Last weekend it was unseasonably warm so we decided to take a drive up to the Pentwater cottage and check on it. We left a bunch of stuff there not knowing if the last time we were there would be it for summer or not so I took home all of the linens and sheets […]

Pentwater Cottage Check

House & Home

Pentwater Cottage Pentwater Michigan

our pentwater cottage has been about 7 years in the making. when we bought the house we thought it was going to be a one summer fixer upper. 7 years later we are finally hanging some of our pentwater art on the walls. what is it about hanging pictures on the wall that makes me […]

pentwater cottage art update

House & Home

Pentwater Michigan Vintage Cottage Art Update

today is a big day for joe, goldfish and i. we are heading to the specialist today to meet with the surgeon that will be working on little goldfish when the time comes. to be honest i’m not 100% sure what this appointment is going to involve but we are both going into this meeting […]

pentwater progress sliding carriage door

House & Home

i know that we have like a million actual projects to do at the penthouse (pentwater cottage) but i had to sneak a little fun decor project in there! there are so so many pros to having a shop but one of the best things is being surrounded by some of the most talented artists […]

pentwater plaid chairs

House & Home

Joe and i spent the better part of our weekend working away at our tiny cottage in pentwater. it’s a little hard to see from this picture how steep these steps are but… trust me it was bad. you can see how uneven they are and kind of crooked. i’m not sure who built them […]

pentwater steps

House & Home

you guys.. it’s finally friday, the sun is out, there is no ice and we are heading to pentwater this weekend to work on the cottage! words cannot describe how excited i am to get to work this weekend! we haven’t been able to get up there in so long that i am literally just […]

finally friday pentwater edition

House & Home

happy valentines day my friends! before i dive into the world of ceiling fans… my day has started out in what could possibly be the most unromantic way. i have been having these wild dreams lately that are so so fricken weird. last night i dreamt that joe and i were going to a “resort […]

ceiling fan for pentwater

House & Home

so last weekend i really wanted to get a few projects done but you know what i’ll settle for at least one when it’s this gorgeous out towards the end of summer. i picked a somewhat tedious but easy one with the bedroom ceiling at the cottage. if you  recall way way back in the […]

Pentwater Painted Ceiling

House & Home

i could kiss the ground today. this week has been jam packed and when i say jam packed i mean as tight as you could jam all the jelly in the world into a jar. as tight as all the cars on 131 south can fit at 8:00 monday morning. jam packed. thank God it’s […]

finally friday pentwater edition

House & Home

what a good day so far you guys. i hit up the farmers market before work and stocked up on some of the biggest red peppers i’ve ever seen in my life. like if you were making stuffed peppers instead of relish you would be feeding a family of four off of one pepper. the […]

pentwater bedroom ceiling

House & Home

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