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August 16, 2016

what a good day so far you guys. i hit up the farmers market before work and stocked up on some of the biggest red peppers i’ve ever seen in my life. like if you were making stuffed peppers instead of relish you would be feeding a family of four off of one pepper. the farmers market in the morning is the best way to kick off a day. i get really inspired and relaxed which is a great mood to head to work in. agree?

so anyway last weekend was pretty much a blur. i was here there and everywhere but while i was home hanging with the girls, joe and my dad were up at pentwater putting a ceiling in the bedroom. so i really really really wanted to expose the old beams in the bedroom but it’s just not practical if we are going to use this house in the winter. and honestly, winter is amazing up in pentwater. especially if you just want to escape and hang in the quiet. we needed to add insulation and we needed to pull out the millions of tacks and nails that were in the boards. there was a drop ceiling before that we tore down about two years ago and now we are putting it back together.

penthouse 4

so here is a picture of the ceiling without the drop tiles. it’s beautiful old wood but it had so much crap  to take off of it and has a few gaps in it so when you have guests in the upstairs you hear every pin drop. so we added much needed insulation and a shiplap style ceiling.


as much as i loved the all natural look i feel this ceiling really cleans the room up and makes it look bigger. now the question is do we paint it white like the kitchen area or leave it pine. now before you jump on one bandwagon or another we are going to be adding pine wood floor so i feel it would be weird to have a white wall sandwich between the pines.

Penthouseceiling 1

having the ceiling like this will make it so much easier to trim out too. we were wondering how in the heck it was going to work having to trim up in between the beams but this ceiling kind of fixed all of those headaches we went back and forth on for the last two years (hey this is a work in progress).


completing this ceiling leaves us with just ONE more ceiling to complete up in the loft. then it’s all trim baby! (oh and that wall in the top picture) we are going to re elevate the stairs so they are not upward wooden death trap steps. so that wall will probably get finished in the winter.

hope everyone is having a marvelous tuesday!

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