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Around this farm I live in my aprons, every time I forget to put one on I always end up with olive oil splashed up the front of me. In the summer I wear them straight out to the garden to gather veggies and herbs for dinner. I also keep them on straight through dinner […]

Budget Linen Aprons under Twenty Dollars

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budget linen apron

It is hard sometimes to find the best pieces at Free People and  I’m well aware that there might be an “objects in mirror may be closer than they appear” situation. If you shop regularly at Free People you know what I’m talking about. On the model it looks like a dreamy, flowy dress perfect […]

How to find the best pieces at Free People

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Curly Hair with Cream Tunic

This Mint Cold is from last season but here are some of my favorites from the internet. This one from Asos This one from Modcloth  This dress I wont from Frances Jaye is by Elk but there is a similar one here for $40! Frye Boots are also close to 8 years old but similar […]

Mint Atlantic Pacific Coat

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Frances Jaye Holland Elk Dress

the last time that anthropologie had an extra 50% off weekend sale i’m pretty sure that it was six years ago on black friday. is it bad that i remember what i bought at that sale? a pink coat with white lines and a pendleton wool coat among other things. today while i was sitting […]

weekend sale at anthropolgie

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anthropologie jacqueline belted dress white long

if it has tulle, bows, ruffles or sequins i’m in. you know how much i absolutely dressing like a toddler girls dream. last night joe had a work dinner, otto fell asleep at seven and while i was supposed to be folding laundry i deep dived sequin skirts at nordstrom.com. a note about sequin dresses, […]

sequin dresses under $100

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sequin dresses under $100

forgive me… wallet. i went a little crazy in Charleston, South Carolina shopping. I couldn’t help it though. the shops were AMAZING. i’m no minimalist. admittedly so. my first question when i’m out in the middle of nowhere is…where do these people shop!? there were so many wonderful things about Charleston and i’ll do one […]

Charleston Shopping Haul


This was not my first blog post but it is the first blog post that transferred over from my free blogger account. Essentially it’s the first blog ever published on a paid for platform. Of course it’s about a sale at Anthro. Just as Anthro has changed and developed over time so has this blog. […]

The siren song of Anthro My First Blog Post

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I never wear pink. Tulle Skirt with ruffle details