sequin dresses under $100

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March 21, 2019

if it has tulle, bows, ruffles or sequins i’m in. you know how much i absolutely dressing like a toddler girls dream. last night joe had a work dinner, otto fell asleep at seven and while i was supposed to be folding laundry i deep dived sequin skirts at

sequin dresses under $100

a note about sequin dresses, skirts, jackets and pants. they are not just for bachelorette parties and special occasions. they are fun and easy to incorporate into your normal everyday wear. here are a few of my “rules” for wearing sequins. as always though as much as i believe in rules i also am a firm believer in bending them so if it feels right to you, do it!

sequin dresses under $100
sequin dresses under $100

  1. make them the star of the show. sequins are attention hogs and don’t want anyone else to literally outshine them. pair a cute sequin jacket with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and coordinating heel or ankle boot.
  2. good sequins/glitter doesn’t have to be expensive. below, i’ve found some amazing sequin dresses, pants and jackets for under $100. (the pants broke the rule) but are totally worth it. when you are shopping for sequin pieces zoom in on the garments. look for the pattern and make sure they are sewn on sequins. make sure that they are stictched tight together and that you can’t see a pattern. this is a good example of an inexpensive sequin dress. this is a bad example of an inexpensive sequin dress. nothing against forever 21 my friend lisa prang finds AMAZING things there. but this dress in particular is not filled in and you can see that by zooming in.
  3. sequins are not limited to just clothing. if you are not ready to jump right in to wearing head to toe sequins in a dress, try starting small. there are so many adorable sequin or glitter heels and flats or even boots. The boots in these pics are last year kate spade olina boot. if you are a size five there is one pair on sale here. but start small and build up to getting more adventurous.

sequin dresses under $100

i recently ordered a few different pieces from and i thought i would share some of the fits/what i’m keeping/what i’m debating and what i’ll be returning.

TFNC high neck sequin midi dress in gold

this high neck midi sequin dress in rose gold retails currently at $54 from asos. I followed their true fit guide and took the size 12. i’m going to try it on one more time before i make a final decision but for right now this is in my return pile. the stomach and thigh part is super comfy but it felt a little tight in the arms. i had to try on fast because my son was dead set on playing with the toilet behind me. i love that it’s still sexy without being revealing. now i’m second guessing myself. they did not make a size 14 otherwise i probably would have sized up.

TFNC sequin wrap mini dress in matt gold

this is the TFNC sequin wrap dress that currently retails for 41. this is the same brand as above but it fits a little looser. i would not size down though because of the wrap skirt feature. this one is also almost falling into my return pile because the wrap makes me nervous. it is not stitched together and if you sit down wrong the world will see your pikachu.

City Goddess Bardot Sequin Maxi Dress With Bow Detail

this is the bardot sequin maxi from asos that is currently $44. i wanted to love this dress so much but my arms were just not tolerating the side off the shoulder. i felt like i couldn’t move in it and every time i lifted my arms the sleeve would roll up tight. that’s a no for me dog. but if you have tinier arms give it a try. the lining kept it from itching and the sequin pattern was really pretty!

ASOS EDITION high waisted sequin wide leg pants

ok these high waisted sequin pants are my favorite thing i’ve bought in a long time. they sold out earlier this year and i vowed that if they restocked in my size i would snag them. and snag them i did. i followed their fit guide and ordered the 12 and they have a little give and i could have done the 10 but i’m good with keeping them a little looser. they are like sequin pajama pants. i’m going to pair them with a graphic tee and some pumps. i can’t wait to wear these out! they retail at $119 which is a little higher than i wanted but i don’t like to break shopping promises i make to myself.

ASOS DESIGN Festival Sequin Kimono Jacket

this sequin jacket is also in the keep pile. it could be so cute with a pair boyfriend jeans or even some leggings. it’s lined so it’s comfortable and the shape of the sequins are rectangle shaped with makes it unique. i even thought it would be fun over an evening dress at an event to give it a little something extra. bonus? it’s on sale for $41!


i’m a new(er) convert to the world of asos but so far i’ve been super happy with the pieces i’ve ordered from there for the price. i started shopping there for maternity when I was pregnant with otto and needed some simple, inexpensive dresses to get me by. you can see some of those looks here, it’s pretty much the only thing i wore during the tail end of my pregancy and yes, i wore the tulle polka dot dress and nars heat wave lipstick to walk in and give birth. ahhh memories.

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