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April 18, 2019

the last time that anthropologie had an extra 50% off weekend sale i’m pretty sure that it was six years ago on black friday. is it bad that i remember what i bought at that sale? a pink coat with white lines and a pendleton wool coat among other things. today while i was sitting on the beach i placed a decent order when i saw that the entire sale section was an additional 50% off. the only exclusion is furniture which is an extra 20% off. the only other thing to be careful of is that the sale.. is all final sale. this is new for anthropolgie. I have never bought something from there that couldn’t be returned.

anthropologie jacqueline belted dress white long

i bought mostly home stuff this round but there are a bunch of clothing items under $40. the jacqueline dress is now under $40 which was worth every penny. I wear that dress all the time. it’s super comfy but tailored. it’s like wearing a flattering big sweatshirt. also the blue and white two piece outfit is under $40 now.

i am super pumped about the set of 4 champagne flutes i scored for under $20 for a set of 4. I also completed some dish sets i had bits and pieces of. the marble plates are stunning but I just couldn’t bring myself to splurge for bowls and side plates. lucky me today they were under $5!

i also bought some books and a few other small items but i resisted new dining room chairs because … i don’t need them right? or i don’t need them right now? or i don’t need them? no, i don’t need them. see ? that’s progress. things are selling out fast so grab it when you see it! i might be going back for more because sometimes as returns catch up with online inventory things come back in stock. i’ve worked in retail for years i know how this works.

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