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April 20, 2019

if you have been following along on our southern trip over the last week you joined me in touring the most amazing antique store in alabama. i have been to alabama a few times and have never had the opportunity to go to this place until  yesterday. we had a gloomy morning and needed to get out of the condo so joe, otto and i hopped in the car and off we went. it was about an hour and twenty minutes from downtown orange beach where we are staying and well worth the trip.

antique store in alabama

nestled just outside downtown mobile is charles phillips antiques. it did not disappoint. now that our house is nearing completion(ish) i’m not looking for as big of pieces but there was building after building of amazing antique furniture from all over the world. my favorite piece was this large french white armoire from france. for the size (it was probably about 12 feet long) it was not a bad price – $1600. i always base prices on a few things. what is this antique cost vs. something new from CB2 or pottery barn and how much work it needs to be finished. based on those factors i thought the prices were more than fair. especially given how unique some of the items are. we are talking an entire barn full of old windows, tall old home doors and tables and tables of corbels.

Pile of linens alabama antique store Charles Philip Antiques Alabama Alabama Antique Store

even though we didn’t walk away with anything it was fun to explore and the thrill of you never know what you are going to find is always just around the corner (or the next barn) . plus it was fun that otto was saying antique antique as he walked around the place with me. i think i might be raising a future antique dealer… a mom can dream right?

Alabama Antique Store Large antique Window

if you are anywhere near this place i highly recommend stoping in. it can be a bit intimidating at first but the checkout and help area is the main barn in the middle with the architectural salvage display out front.

Large Green Primitive Cabinet Iron Gates at Alabama Antique Store

make sure you check the hours and times they are open. they are only open thursday – saturday. or by appointment. it’s worth making time it is the best antique store in alabama.

visit their site here. 

also after you are done shopping the adorable town of fairhope is just a 25 minute drive back towards orange beach area.

alabama antique store

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The best antique store in Alabama

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  1. Robyn says:

    Hi Abby,
    This place is incredible! I wonder if our southern friends haven’t caught on to the cornel, farmhouse craze the we seem to be in. I rarely see this kind of variety here in Michigan.
    Glad you guys had a fun trip!

  2. Lori Milton says:

    This is right down the road from me about an hour and a half. Would love to meet up with you one day. This place is awesome! I live in south central Alabama. Ssh, don’t tell all our secrets!

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