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June 1, 2018

it’s summer in michigan and that means one thing.. or maybe like ten things to me. flea market season. (and garden, pool, beach, cottage, farmers market etc season). i’ve been to maybe three or four markets already this summer and some were better than others. one thing is for sure though.. i never have a problem finding at least one treasure.

the more i post about my treasure hunts the more questions i get about how do i find when and where these markets are. honestly, i’ve been scouring flea markets since i was a kid but hard core as an adult to look for something other than beanie babies i would say about ten years. over the years you make friends at these markets and get to know vendors and they tell you where they are going next and which markets are worth the drive. sometimes though it’s hard to find your starting point so i thought i would share some strategies on how to find the goods.

1.) visit an antique store most old school mom and pop antique shops have a section in the store where people can leave fliers for markets, sales etc. i have found a few gems just by seeing what is coming up there. if a vendor at the store is participating in a market typically they will have fliers for their shows in their booth. pick them up! i keep a little folder with all the markets just so i don’t forget and leave them in my car to spit my gum in to. you know how that goes.

2.) check out facebook. this one is a little tricky because there are soooooo many markets that do not post on fb but some of the more curated shows will have an event page. once you like that page or say that you are interested suggested pages and events will pop up and you’ll find a few to hit up eventually.

3.) get to know the vendors. if you like someones booth TELL THEM! a lot of people work hard on their displays and if you like what you are seeing, start up a conversation. ask them where else they sell and they’re usually more than happy to tell you where to find them next. after a while you start seeing them at shows and they start finding things that you tell them you are after. it’s fun to make new friends and vendors usually have some pretty awesome stories.

these are some basic strategies to get started. the more you ask around the more you’ll find your style and find more markets and treasures that fit that style. pnc

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  1. Sandy says:

    Thanks for taking us along to Springfield! I haven’t been back in 7 years! Time flies. How far was Urbana from the show? Your place looked great for a weekend stay!

  2. Gina says:

    Thank you for linking this. I can’t wait to read about your Springfield trip.

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