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November 5, 2009

This was not my first blog post but it is the first blog post that transferred over from my free blogger account. Essentially it’s the first blog ever published on a paid for platform. Of course it’s about a sale at Anthro. Just as Anthro has changed and developed over time so has this blog. I went from living in a newer construction in a subdivision to an old farmhouse in the country.

My writing has improved (at least I think so) and has engulfed a wider range of topics. Everything from fashion to gardening to motherhood. it’s been over 14  years of writing and publishing on the internet for me. When I started there was no instagram, Pinterest or TikTok, there was only Facebook.

When I started writing it was more about fashion and hair products and usually only one or two sentences describing what I was doing that day. As I continued to write, I fell more and more in love with it and having my own space on the internet. A place to share my passions with others who were interested in them as well.

I’ve been able to work with some incredible people and brands since starting this blog and I am so excited to see where the future continues to take me.

I still shop at Anthro and still stalk their sale rooms and markdowns as well as still write about them. Just maybe with a little more detail and my own photos.

Below is my very first blog post.  A full two sentences regarding the sales at anthro.

Original Post:

Anthropologie is having a HUGE sale right now with free shipping! (over $150). Lets just say I fell prey to that song. Here are a few of my favorites

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