Cosmos are one of the easiest things to grow in the flower garden. (see my 3 easiest flowers to grow guide here) They don’t love a ton of water, they don’t like a ton of fertilizer, they just bloom. The only issue I have with them is they need a lot of support. Which, don’t […]

My Cut Flower Garden: Cosmos

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I have not necessarily been a scrooge this year when it comes to decorating our farmhouse for the holidays, but more exhausted Santa. We went all out for Christmas this year at The Found Cottage and between that and pending renovations in the home, I just didn’t feel like hauling out all the bins of […]

Christmas Amish Greenhouse

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Holiday Amish Greenhouse

Last weekend Joe and I spent the greater part of our weekend working out in the garden getting our new garden beds into place. It was not work for the faint of heart. It was TOUGH. We welcomed the excuse to keep busy though (at least I did). With the loss of Binks our beloved […]

New Metal and Wood Garden Beds

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Why I Love Raised Garden Beds

There is nothing I love more than sitting out in the garden at night around the fire pit enjoying a cocktail or a S’more with my family and talking about the day. It’s a simple and small activity that makes a weeknight feel like a vacation. We sit around roasting marshmallows enjoying our time together […]

Using Plants to Keep Mosquitos Away

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How to naturally keep mosquitos away

Mother’s day is a day that means so much to me. While it’s nice that Joe and Otto take the time to make the day extra special I truly enjoy reflecting back on my journey to becoming a mom. Even with all of the struggles and heartbreak it has been truly the greatest gift of […]

The Best Mother’s Day Garden Gifts

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas for the Gardener

I had an opportunity to visit the Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile, Alabama during my latest family vacation and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The gardens span over 65 acres and it took us just over two hours to walk the grounds and home and take everything in. Walter Bellingrath made his fortune […]

How to keep rabbits out of your garden

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Functioning glass victorian conservatory in Mobile Alabama

I have searched the internet high and low for a hobby greenhouse for probably the last four years. I looked at DIY greenhouse options, prefab kit greenhouse options and custom built greenhouses. All of them where either out of my budget or my skill level. It took Joe and I almost an entire pandemic just […]

Amish Built Backyard Hobby Greenhouse

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Where to buy a hobby greenhouse

We are moving quickly into the midsummer gardening phase which is when my midwest zone 5b/6a garden is really starting to burst. The harvest will be big this month and I’m looking forward to enjoying all the garden fresh veggies and flowers I worked so hard to get started earlier this spring. This spring I […]

How to have a Perennial Garden at a Discount.

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Striped Pink Madewell Shirt

We are already in the tail end of June and the garden is finally starting to take off. For the longest time I was growing (see what I did there) impatient with how slow things seemed to be taking off. It seemed like the more care and attention I gave things the more they resisted […]

June Garden Tour

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First Cutting of Fresh Flowers

I don’t think we’ve ever been this far ahead in our farm to do list ever. We have been using every spare minute to tackle our projects around this farm and it feels good. The garden is almost completely planted, the roses are dug, the sheep are sheared, the chicken coop is cleaned…. For the […]

Vertical Investments for the Garden, One Year Review

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Empty Garden Titan Squash Tunnel

I hate thinning out my seedlings but it’s a necessary action to keep your garden healthy and thriving. A few days ago it was finally time to thin out my radish seeds that I planted back in the beginning of April. I walked out to the garden in the morning before otto and joe were […]

Why do I need to thin out my garden seedlings

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radish seedlings

The discussion lately in Garden Group (free group on Facebook for all things gardening) is that so many online garden seeds sources are sold out! Territorial Seed closed their website and sent an email that never in their 35 years of business have they ever had this type of overwhelming demand. While I’ll agree this […]

Online Garden Seeds

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Plant Lady T Shirt from The Found Cottage