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April 21, 2021

Mother’s day is a day that means so much to me. While it’s nice that Joe and Otto take the time to make the day extra special I truly enjoy reflecting back on my journey to becoming a mom. Even with all of the struggles and heartbreak it has been truly the greatest gift of my life.

Typically Mother’s Day around the farm is pretty low key. I love spending the day with my guys and we typically go out for brunch or a walk somewhere like Meijer Gardens. Spending time together is really all I want that day but you know, I never turn down a gift.

Otto is to the age where he loves to help and he also loves to shop (yea that boy is like 100% his mother). When we are in bed at night trying to fall asleep we each take a turn asking where we want to go in our dreams that night. Sometimes he answers deer camp for pizza and some time he answers the shopping mall. Mother’s Day gifts are some of the easiest gifts to buy, why? Because almost every single website and store has a site or section dedicated to just “Mother’s Day Gift’s”. To me though, I love something practical and that is why almost all of my gift guides for Mothers Day (or Valentine’s Day) revolve around gardening.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas for the Gardener

I broke this Mother’s Day Gardening Gift Idea list into a few different categories.

  • Books
  • Tools and Accessories
  • Garden Themed Gifts

Let’s start with Gardening Books.

Over the past two months I’ve ordered quite a few new gardening books that I am absolutely obsessed with. I have been referencing A Year at Clove Brooke Farm as I continue to grow and expand my own garden. There is something about the old historic homes in upstate NY that make me swoon. He even has some animals that Martha Stewart herself gifted him. You know he’s legit.

Another book that I have been really enjoying is The New Heirloom Garden. What I love about this book is it uses a lot of vegetable plants as decor and in garden design rather than just perennials and cut flowers. In each chapter is a garden design layout by sq. foot for you to use by replicating or as a guide. I also really enjoy the interviews and studies with keepers of famous gardens all over the world. It’s a very educational as well as a delightful read.

The Gardener and the Grill is one of my favorite cookbooks of all time. They have fantastic recipes created to use as much of your fresh produce as possible. The book also features vegetable profiles that touches on growing techniques and specific plant needs.

Other favorite gardening books that would make great gifts are


Carolina Herrera Taffeta Dress Lilac and Black

Garden Tools and Accessories for the Gardener 

Gardeners are particular about their tools and accessories in the garden. Once we find something we like we stick with it until it breaks and we have to duct tape it back together. However, These are a few of my favorite garden tools that seriously work magic in the gardens and will save time and back ache while working in the ground. Your mom will thank you.

Garden Gloves – I buy myself a fresh pair each season of these long, durable garden gloves. They last an entire season and probably would last even longer if I took good care of them. I leave them dirty though and beat them up throughout the season. These are nice when tending to the roses and their sharp thorns.

Gardening Hat – I purchased this gardening hat to wear for Easter but it also is perfect for gardening and keeping the sun out of your face. It’s packable, holds it’s shape and I love the feminine touch of the bow.

Japanese Weeder – There are two tools that I love the most out of any of my garden shed supplies and this is one of them. I can hack off weeds in all of my 5×10 garden beds (8 of them) in under 45 minutes. The key to this tool is to use it while the weeds are small and it takes out and pulls up their entire root system. No more hand pulling. You just brush the top layer of dirt (around your precious plants) to till up all of the weeds. Best part? It’s only $26.

Dutch Hoe – I still giggle when I say it. But this is my second favorite tool in the shed. I use this in my stones, wood chips and dirt. It effectively weeds similar to the Japanese Weeder but it’s better in stones and also helpful when digging up plants like dandelions.

Some other great tools include:


The best Mothers Day Gift Ideas for the Mom who loves to garden

Mom Doesn’t Garden? That’s ok! Here is a list of Garden Inspired Accessories 

Anthropologie lately has been having so many beautiful vases in store. This collection of Sunday Painter vases is adorable and would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift with a lovely bouquet of daffodils.

It has to eventually warm up here right? This Business and Pleasure Cooler Tote is so cute for trips to the farmers market as well as the beach. Fill it up with mom’s favorite charcuterie aka cheese.

I love the Rifle paper Ked collection. They are the perfect mix of style and comfort for the spring and summer months. The new hydrangea pattern is stunning.

One of my favorite candles over the past few years is the Capri Blue Volcano candle. It has just the right amount of light floral to the fill the room. Typically the jar is blue but Anthropologie has a limited release of a beautiful matte black jar.

To view my other gift suggestions for gardeners visit here. 

Mother’s are special people and this is just one way to spend time and celebrate with her. While I put together a pretty extensive list of gift idea’s, no gift is greater than the gift of quality time.

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