Gift Guide: Gifts for the Gardener


December 7, 2020

Creating this guide, gifts for the gardener makes my heart ache a little. I miss the morning walks through the garden. Now they’re just covered in snow. I think though that this gift guide is the one I’m most passionate about because if you are buying for someone in your life who loves to garden or even is just getting started… these products will save them so much time. Especially the weeding tool.

Gift Guide for the Gardener


The weeding tool by barebones for terrain is hands down the best garden tool I’ve ever had. I stand by it. I have been including it in my garden gift guides for years. I can’t even remember how long I’ve had mine now but for $24 it is the biggest workhorse in my garden. I can weed an 8 foot garden bed in a matter of seconds. It skims the surface of the soil cutting small weeds off from their root. With a light rake after you have eliminated the sprouting weeds. If you stay on top of this for the first few weeks of your new plantings you will barely have to weed your garden beds all summer. I feel like an oxy clean salesman here BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! Guys.. it’s $24 and lasts for years. (and I treat my tools like garbage). I can’t say enough good things about this tool or this brand.

Second only to the weeding tool is their trowel. I have the rake as well but these two tools from barebones are what I use the most on a day to day basis in my garden. The trowel is sharp and comes in handy when you need to hack off a runaway weed by the root. It’s quite therapeutic actually.

I buy myself one pair of these gloves every spring and they take a beating all year long. By the end of the fall they are still holding on but getting weak. I pull out sunflower stems the size of small trees and they don’t rip. They’re a bit pricy for garden gloves but they will do the work all season long keeping your hands clean and soft.

Cut Flower Garden

A good pair of rubber boots will also come in very handy in the garden. I love my hunter boots and all the colors they come in. They are super durable and will last you for years. Before heading into the house I give them a good spray (most days) and flip them upside so kitties don’t nest in them. I have accumulated a few colors over the years but right now they are having a 20% off sale for black friday and I might splurge on a new color. One can never have too many work boots. I’m typically a 9.5 in shoes and the 9’s fit great. If you have trouble with boots fitting snug on your calfs try the huntress style.

Not necessary but pretty none the less is the shovel set from Martha Stewart and the heritage garden hose from terrain. I’m sure you could find a shovel set for cheaper as well as hose but the colors make it pretty and fun. I store everything in my garden shed and having things pretty in color just makes the place happier. These are great gifts because they are something a lot of gardeners probably wouldn’t indulge in themselves. That being said the heritage hose is extremely well made and durable. I’ve spent countless dollars on cheap hoses but this one I do not use for underground irrigation this is mostly to water my potted plants.

I could go on and on about gardening and my favorite tools but I would say these 6 items are the ones I recommend most as gifts for the gardener. Spring cannot come soon enough!

PS for an added bonus I love the full seed catalog from Baker Creek. 



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  1. Heidi says:

    Great ideas! I am wondering if you have a favorite Gardening Magazine?
    I work at a Dr. Office and got a male Dr. Who likes gardening. Thought a magazine may give some hope and dreams til spring!

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