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May 1, 2020

Mothers Day Gift Guide for the Garden mama

As otto likes to say, “The sun came back today!” we are itching to get our work done so we can go soak up these 70 degree temperatures that the first day of May is bringing us. Many of us are going to be celebrating Mother’s Day while still sheltering in place and that is going to be ok. I will miss celebrating with my family but last year all I wanted was a day home with my two favorite boys and it looks like I’ll be getting it again this year. I’m just going to act like I planned it this way. The longer I stay off of the news the more positive and optimistic my outlook becomes and I intend to have a media free Mother’s Day.

We have been spending so much time focused on our garden this spring and I can’t wait to pop those baby plants in the ground. I thought some of my favorite garden tools would make worthy gifts for that garden mama in your life who loves the outdoors. (side note: don’t forget to read my found cottage mothers day gift guide) I could go on and on about all my favorite things to use in the garden but I thought I would list them all below but highlight my top three.

Make your mama’s life so much easier with this Japanese Hand Weeder Tool It’s under $30 and helps me weed a 5×10 garden bed in under two minutes. I have had mine for 3 – 4 years and after each use I make sure it’s nice and clean before storing it away. It looks good as new and cuts out even the toughest of weeds.

Barebones Japanese Hand Weeder

I  buy myself a new pair of these garden gloves each spring. I wear them all summer long picking weeds, pruning and more. They keep my hands protected from thorns and sticks and keep my nails clean. I hate when I don’t wear gloves in the garden because my nails get stained with dirt. These would probably last more than a season but there is nothing like a fresh pair of garden gloves to kick off the spring.

Terrain Floral Garden Gloves

Finally, a new garden hat. I have been getting some treatments for my face (pre pandemic) and protection from the sun is an absolute must. I wear loads of SPF but also protect my skin (and eyes) with a wide brimmed hat. I love the feminine black bow on this one and that it has UV50+ sun protection.

Terrain UV50 Sun Protection Hat

This year I’m crossing my fingers for a sunny Mother’s Day in the garden with my two favorite guys again. Next year there will be celebrations large and small I know it. Call your mom and hug her if you can.

Mothers Day Gift Guide for the Garden mama


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