Ottos Gift Guide: Plastic Crap He Begs For


November 30, 2020

When I was pregnant I would scroll for hours looking at all of the beautiful handcrafted heirloom wooden toys on etsy. I dreamed of a mess free playroom stacked perfectly with well made stunning toys that would spark my babies imagination and turn him into a tiny little Einstein genius. I wouldn’t even get mad if he were to scribble E=MC2 on my white walls.

Holland Peanut Store

Now here I sit drinking a hot cup of reality coffee typing this up at 5am while little Frankenstein sleeps next to me. (that is what I call him in the morning because you should see this kids bed head). I LOVE the beautiful heirloom quality toys and he does too. He loves mixing them together with his plastic play sets. Not quite the vision I had but compromise right? I made the farm toys gift guide of things he would actually play with and that are well made and lovely. However, if you take Otto to the Target toy aisle… you’ll watch his mind go nuts.

It’s quite hilarious. He will walk up and down yelling OH WOW COOL MOM! THIS IS PRETTY COOL! WATCH THIS OH WOW I WISH I HAD THAT! My personal favorite is when he yells “WELL ISN’T THAT SOMETHING!?”. In the spirit of Otto being super into Christmas and making quite an extensive gift list of his own, I thought I would write a gift guide based on his favorite toys that he plays with for hours and the ones that well… are quite something.

I call this gift guide, ahem: Plastic Crap My Kid Begs For.

Plastic Crap my Kid Begs For

Dino Rescue Mobile | Dino Rescue Tower | Chase Police Cruiser | Peppa Home | Camper Van | Tree House

The toys Otto has already on this list are the Peppa home, camper van and tree house. He got them for his birthday in July and they’ve held up wonderfully. He honestly, plays with them for hours. The Peppa house comes with all of the furniture and makes sounds with the muddy puddles outside of the home.

As much as I hate plastic toys, it is quite amazing to watch Otto put the house together. He can name all of the furniture and knows which room each piece goes in. He will play Peppa and Paw Patrols together and it’s so funny to watch the stories he comes up with.

The number one thing Otto has been wanting to as Santa for is the Dino Rescue Mobile. I bought it on sale at Target and I can’t wait to leave it by the stockings Christmas morning with a note to Otto from Santa. Otto loves these weird youtube videos of kids playing with toys and he watches them play with the dino rescue and police cruiser and will casually say…man I wish I had that… haha. I give this kid credit for knowing how to work his parents over. He also needs the lookout tower. Apparently there are a couple different kinds but Otto is very into the dino rescue part of the Paw Patrol empire.

Downtown Holland Candy Store

So there you have it. These are Ottos favorite toys that he plays with and the ones he’s most likely to request from Santa. These are not mom’s picks but hey, these little plastic towers come in handy while we are all working from home. My living room is like a field of peppas and paw patrols right now but it keeps him busy and keeps his imagination going.

Keep your eye out at Target for these. They keep going on sale for the holidays. 

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  1. Cheryl De Jong says:

    My grandkids LOVE youtube videos – especially the dino egg ones!!

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