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November 30, 2020

“Forget it”. I said I as clicked “ORDER” on this mint tulle skirt. I’m not going really anywhere right now but in my head I have future dinners with friends, trips to take and shows to see and I’m going to need a skirt to do it in. Sure sure they are going to be taken Lord willing in some part of 2021 but when I’m ready, this skirt will be there waiting for me.

I miss getting dressed up for things. I miss having places to go other than the grocery store or work. I’ve started to get dressed up just to do these things because it feels somewhat good to me. It feels good to put on something that brings me joy covered in sequins and tulle. When I saw this glittery mint tulle skirt on Anthro’s black friday deals I had to have it.

Anthropologie Sydney Shimmer Tulle Skirt

I paired it with my gold sweater and belt from last season and walked for coffee with my pal Ashley in the freezing Michigan cold. It was worth it. It was not only good to see a friend, but to have fun getting over dressed for a walking coffee date. As silly as it sounds purchasing things here and there for future events gives me hope to an end of the pandemic. It reminds me that this is not a forever situation. We will have parties again.

In honor of the future parties we are going to have.. I put together a little collection of some of the glittery, tulle filled party items I’m crushing on right now.

Gold Metallic Tulle Skirt

A bit more details about this skirt: 
It runs true to size. The bottom half is a bit sheer but the slip covers the important parts. It is glitter so it does leave a bit behind after you sit somewhere but not enough to make it very noticeable. It was fun to pair with this gold sweater that I already had but I think it could be fun with a cropped jacket or a chunky sweater half tucked into the front waistband.

For more tulle looks visit here. 

Anthropologie Tulle Skirt Gold Sequin Sweater Curly Hair Holiday outfit Mint Tulle Skirt from Anthropologie Gold Sweater Anthropologie Tulle Shimmer Skirt

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