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November 24, 2020

Otto is at the stage where he could play with tiny figurines and play sets for hours. This comes in really handy while we are all working from home and have conference calls throughout the day. He loves mixing everything together and it’s so fun to watch his imagination work when he plays. It’s hilarious when the paw patrol crew plays with the Peppa pig crew. I created this gift guide with all of the fun farm play sets and accessories I’ve found. A few of these Otto already has and some he’s getting for Christmas. Here is the gift guide for the farm loving kiddo in your life.

Farm Kid Gift Guide

Chicken Playset | Hodie Barn | Magnetic Farm Set | Tractor and Trailer | Fold Up Farm Play Set | Barnyard Animals

I just ordered the farm chicken set which was recommended by Megan at Fresh Exchange . Otto has a few pieces from this brand and  they are incredibly well made. I also ordered the tractor trailer set because as weird as it sounds, Otto loves hooking up trailers.

Currently when Otto isn’t looking I take a few toys he doesnt play with anymore to  the donation box. I only keep the ones he loves to play with or are part of a set. We all know I am not a minimalist but it’s crazy how fast toys can over take your home. I just bought a few of these large toy bags to keep his sets together and off the floor.

I am still looking around for what to get him for his “big gift”. Last year it was his kitchen set which he loves. It was nice because grandma and grandpa were able to get accessories for it. He got all of the food, “appliances” and table to go with it.

There were so many fun farm toy finds it was hard to decide which ones to pick as the top six. I have a few more kid gift guides coming up. What do you do for you childs gifts? We are doing one large, one medium, two small and a stocking from Santa. It’s going to be so much fun this year because Otto is very much believing in Santa to the point where every the roof creaks in this old house he thinks Santa is on the roof. We also keep binoculars in the bedroom to see if we can catch him on his sleigh.

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  1. Stacey says:

    Some favorites around here and I have 3 boys. A balance bike and a micro mini scooter. When they are little they can practice inside since the weather may not be nice.

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