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I was looking back at old pictures of our flock and I can’t believe that our original Icelandic sheep are going to be six this summer. How is that even possible?!? We started out with a flock of four from a farmer we found on craigslist (say that 4x fast) and now we are just […]

Q & A with the Icelandic Sheep

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How to raise icelandic sheep

It will always amaze me how fast kids can adapt. We are closing in on 7 weeks of being home and by week 3 otto knew we just wave and talk to people through the windows. When my parents came over to drop off some groceries Otto ran to the door and never crossed the […]

Visiting Pigs

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Visiting Papa Craigs Pigs

When Joe and I decided in early March it was best for us to start staying home we got plans in place to keep us busy on the farm over the weekends trying to go out as little as possible. As time went on and it became more of a realization how long this might […]

Mrs. Rabbit Our Newest Farm Addition

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Otto and our new baby bunny

When quarantine first started i thought it would be fun to raise some baby chicks with Otto. We could use a few more and it would give us something productive to do. I found out one of my friends sells a variety of bird..eggs. I agreed to buy them without reading the find print at […]

Hatching Baby Chicks What I learned

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Our first baby chick hatching

On Sunday afternoon the sun was shining and the weather was tap tap taping on the door of 60 degrees. It was warm enough to all work out in the garden in our T shirts. We stripped down out of our carhartts and piled them on the garden chairs while we worked. It had been […]

Lessons In Beekeeping. Losing a Hive.

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Michigan Winter Beekeeping

Joe and I happened to come in to sheep farming and I use the term “Farming” loosely. We bought this property about six years ago and bought these sheep off of craigslist in 2015. That is right, we bought this flock of sheep off of craigslist. Hindsight not the smartest move but three out of […]

What’s up with the flock?

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Icelandic Sheep Flock of Sheep

a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a retreat held at the Leland lodge in northern Michigan. it was with a few other women from michigan who work in social media and it was a chance for us to escape and chat about the industry. i mean, you really can’t beat hanging […]

Idyll Farms Goat Cheese Tasting and Farm Tour


exploring leland michigan

This post has been sponsored by Purina ONE®. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I remember the day I convinced Joe that we needed a dog. It was a month before our wedding, and I had been in contact with a breeder on the other side of the state. Joe, being the practical one, […]

Healthy Food for Healthy Farm Dogs


rough collie dogs

this is my third year of beekeeping and my third hive i’ve had to start over with. beekeeping is not for the faint of heart and i feel like i’ve been learning something new as i go each year. there is nothing more disappointing than checking your hive in the spring and realizing that they […]

beekeeping results from 2018

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beekeeping 2018 honey harvest

lambing season is a lot like gardening. you learn as you go. joe and i bought our first “OG” sheep about 4 years ago from an ad on craigslist. we were not going to buy them that day but they were outgrowing their current yard and we thought meh now or never. so we put […]

2019 lambing season

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2019 lambing season

in all the hustle on the farm getting ready for baby and the surprise of new lambs i totally forgot to introduce the newest member of our clan… earl gray the ram. since the departure of our beloved ram stan (the sheep that got all our ewes pregnant and then died) we have been shopping […]

meet earl gray

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this weekend was insane. and gorgeous. and insanely gorgeous. yesterdays weather i don’t think will be able to be topped for the rest of the summer. 75 breezy and sunny? it was the perfect fathers day weather. so in case you missed this bit of news… BETTY HAD TRIPLETS. yes betty had triplets on saturday […]

weekend recap triplet the fun

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