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June 19, 2017

this weekend was insane. and gorgeous. and insanely gorgeous. yesterdays weather i don’t think will be able to be topped for the rest of the summer. 75 breezy and sunny? it was the perfect fathers day weather. so in case you missed this bit of news… BETTY HAD TRIPLETS. yes betty had triplets on saturday afternoon. What the WHAT ?! i know. We had the vet out a few weeks ago and everything and were told there were no more lambs and she had that weird mummification disease with them. insane. i’ll get to that story in a bit but how crazy is that?!

friday night i ran some errands after work, making returns and picking up some last minute gifts for birthdays and fathers day. did a little browsing for myself but didn’t really see anything that i had to have. i headed home and did chores and by that time was so exhausted that i just made some toast for dinner and watched tv ( and my feet swell).

saturday i was planning on sleeping in a bit and antiquing my way to work but i woke up early and it was pouring rain. i decided to go the farmers market instead (the fulton street one) and i picked up some berries for a few new recipes and some goodies for dinner sunday night. i then headed to nantucket bakery for more treats and got myself an iced almond milk latte from lyon street before heading in to open the store. it was an absolutely perfect morning. i hung out at the store almost all day before my feet couldn’t take it anymore. i headed home and pulled in around 5pm. i had a feeling i should go check on my sheep because it had been pretty hot that day and they might need water.

that is when i walked in the barn and saw three little lambs that i thought at first were cats! I couldn’t believe it! betty had had triplets! she was kind of in shock and avoiding the babies so we moved her to a separate pen together to get acquainted without the other sheep around. it took a while (and some boosters, bottle feedings and hair cuts) oh and I successfully milked betty to check for milk! but we got all three feeding over the night saturday and into sunday. i’m not going to lie walking into family farm and home with a t shirt covered in doo doo that didn’t really cover my stomach and no bra was not my proudest moment but desperate times call for desperate measures. it also didn’t help that i was looking for smaller nipples to fit on the bottle. i’m like seriously how many times is this girl going to make me say the word nipple?!!?

joe got home from his work trip around midnight and did one more check on the lambs and all seemed to be doing well. the next morning we went to check on them again and had to cut some more hair away from betty’s udders. that was fun. but it really helped. after that we made a big breakfast for the two of us and enjoyed some time relaxing and getting ready for the day. we worked in the garden and went for a morning swim before meeting the rest of my family for lunch at the grill house in allegan. after lunch everyone came back for cake, presents and swimming. we had such a blast. i can’t tell you the last time my family went swimming in a pool lol. it’s like we were kids again even though we basically made my little nephew play ninja warrior jumping from raft to raft. he was a little tadpole in the water!

after they left we cleaned up and read for a bit in the screen room. joe’s parents stopped by for dinner and then we watched some tv before calling it a night. it was a great great weekend.

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  1. Jo Nelson says:

    I’m so happy for Betty!!! I felt so bad when you told about the babies not coming and now this is such a wonderful event! How lucky for you to be able to have all these animals. Sounds like your weekend was wonderful. I’m so jealous about the pool. Oh what I wouldn’t give…

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