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June 15, 2017

this week the heat has been absolutely sweltering. we put a portable ac unit in our bedroom to keep the air circulating but our room is lofted so it doesn’t stay that cool. however it’s cool enough to making sleep somewhat comfortable. i’m looking forward to next weeks 70 degree temperatures for sure.

this past weekend we really worked hard on our back patio area. we are tearing out all of the landscaping and replacing it eventually with a pool house/shed and some freshened up elements for privacy. you didn’t know how much privacy the weeds provided until you go skinny dipping without them haha.

last weekend we pretty much pulled weeds, jumped in the pool, pulled more weeds, jumped in the pool. it actually made the job a little easier that we could keep cooling off.

this year i also took it a little easier with the plants on the deck. seriously some years i have about 15 or so planters up on the deck but it’s getting harder to cart water back and forth so i just did my four simple planters, 2 herbs and 2 pots by the patio set. i did buy a sweet tropical vine to add in but i’m calling it quits there.

in previous years i have had vintage furniture up on the deck but it was starting to get pretty worn and wasn’t the most comfortable so i got rid of that and purchased a new set from target that had a little bit of a mid century edge to it. we hang out here a lot in the summer because it stays pretty cool at night and has a pretty view right off of the pool. it’s convenient too because it’s right off of the kitchen.

i’ll keep posting some photos as we continue to rip out the weeds!

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