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Before you plant, create a plan! I have finally finished my raised bed plans using my grow veg planner and now i’m finishing up my seedlings in preparation for the summer garden. In Michigan, many vegetables like flowers need to be started a little earlier indoors for you to pick the optimal amount of produce […]

Five Easy Vegetables to Grow from Seed

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Easy Vegetables for Beginners to grow

It’s that time of year where the seed catalogs are starting to appear almost daily in my mailbox. Every season I pour over catalogs finding the best seeds for our home garden. This year I am going to be trying a few different grouping techniques in the garden including separating my vegetables and my flowers. […]

The Best Tomatoes for Canning

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Fresh Garden Tomatoes

I have never grown my own herbs from seed but this year I thought why not I have the time? Now I have over 20 different basil plants to distribute over my garden because I couldn’t decide on just one variety. This year I have sweet basil, thai basil, lemon basil, lime basil and purple […]

How and Why to Grow Basil

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Pots of Basil

The discussion lately in Garden Group (free group on Facebook for all things gardening) is that so many online garden seeds sources are sold out! Territorial Seed closed their website and sent an email that never in their 35 years of business have they ever had this type of overwhelming demand. While I’ll agree this […]

Online Garden Seeds

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