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April 10, 2020

The discussion lately in Garden Group (free group on Facebook for all things gardening) is that so many online garden seeds sources are sold out! Territorial Seed closed their website and sent an email that never in their 35 years of business have they ever had this type of overwhelming demand. While I’ll agree this pandemic lockdown suck 100% and I think closing all the garden centers in Michigan is a little extreme I hope that by doing so we are able to recover faster. I also hope that at the end of this we have a deeper appreciation for our farmers as well as growing our own food and flowers in our yards, patios and windowsills.

I have done some deep diving on the internet looking for live plant sources as well as seed sources still in stock and I was able to find a few. They are slim pickings but if you still want to get some seedlings started this is the best place to start.

Plant Lady Graphic T Shirt – New to me! Seeds available and shipping! – I ordered some live plants from here set to be delivered last week of May which is perfect planting time for my zone. I don’t know what the farmers markets will look like this spring and I didn’t want to risk not having a handful of tomato and eggplants. – I was able to order a couple annual herbs that I needed (basil, cilantro and parsley) They had a good selection of vegetables still available.

SeedSaversExchange –  but still a great selection available. Sign up for email alerts when they are able to ship.

Territorial Seed – I was able to order live plants as well as seed. They still have some in stock and will be reopening their site soon. You can sign up for details.

Park Seed – This is where I bought my bio domes. Still a great selection available including tomatoes! – Sign up for when they catch up on orders. Tons of variety still left.

Gurneys – Great variety in stock as well as fruit and trees.

Amazon – I’ve never ordered seeds from Amazon but they’re in stock. Also they have select soils available.

Row 7 seeds – Small selection but really cool varieties. – Opening back up April 13 sign up to get notifications.

Shumways – Tons of vegetable plants and seeds available

Jung Seeds – Still open and lots of variety

Farmer Seed – 1-2 week shipping turnaround and good stock left.

Select Seeds – Still open and shipping with good variety of vegetables and flowers.

Butterfly Month at Meijer Gardens


Things are scary and uncertain right now but getting outside even just for a little bit and getting your hands dirty is so good for your mind and soul. I have been enjoying taking a little garden break while Otto sleeps (when he sleeps) in the afternoon. Even just tossing some pea seeds in the ground seems therapeutic.

for more of my favorite seed sources visit here. 

Also check out your local facebook pages for the farmers markets  for details on what your favorite farm stands are doing. Many are offering curbside pick up and can tell you what they will have to offer come May.

In other news the Found Cottage is now online and we have this Plant Lady T – Shirt in stock and ready to ship! New arrivals are launching this morning.

Plant Lady Graphic T Shirt Butterfly Month at Meijer Gardens Plant Lady Graphic T Shirt Greenhouse fresh air plants orchids Plant Lady T Shirt from The Found Cottage Plant Lady Graphic T Shirt

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  1. Michelle says:

    Thank you ! I’ve been trying everywhere !
    I just ordered a few on eBay !

  2. Nichole Purvis says:

    Add Annie’s Heirlooms to your list! Great selection, and right here in West Michigan!

  3. Becky says:

    Thank you!! I would be lost in my search for seeds if it weren’t for your links! 🙂

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