Easter with Otto at Home


April 14, 2020

There were no church pews crowded with people in pastels and big easter hats. No scents of fresh spring hyacinths, daffodils, tulips and lilies filling the sanctuary. There was no vibration of voices shaking the walls with hymns of Christ’s resurrection. Just like the grinch who stole Christmas, it felt like for a moment that Covid-19 had stolen easter. However, that is not the case. Easter is not about the flowers or Easter dresses, it is Christ’s death and resurrection. We need that now more than ever during this health pandemic that has seized the world.

While this Easter Sunday felt different (because it was) it was still special in it’s own way. We made a big breakfast of foraged ramps from a local farm and eggs from our own coop. We sat and read devotions while drinking coffee. Reflecting.

We put on Otto’s Easter Outfit from the Feltman Brothers and headed out to the yard to take some photos and open his Easter basket that I made by ordering and picking up curbside from local businesses. 

Easter with Otto at Home

We spent most of the day outside enjoying the sporadic sunshine in the garden getting ready for planting next month. After a long day of play outside we headed in to make our Easter feast. I had ordered some lamb shanks from Sweet Water Local Foods pick up on Saturday. We braised them for a few hours in the dutch oven until they were fall off the bone ready and served them with asparagus and mashed potatoes. It was a lovely feast for two. (Otto had cold cut up pizza).

After dinner we headed outside because during dinner my parents scattered Easter eggs around the yard for Otto to find. He again was very concerned that a giant rabbit dropped off gifts and apparently laid eggs. Once we established that the Easter Bunny wasn’t actually here we were back in good spirits hunting down eggs.

Easter with Otto at Home

We settled in for the night to watch a movie before bed with that strange feeling of having to go to work the next day but staying home for work. It’s funny to me how long it takes adults to adjust but kids can adapt in a matter of days. I am grateful for a day spent with my family, celebrating the reason for the holiday. There will be Easter lilies and family dinners again but for now we keep adjusting and moving forward.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter with your families.

Otto opening his easter basket from local makers Otto opening his easter basket from local makers Levi the Cat coming to check out the easter basket Feltman Brothers Toddler Easter Outfit Otto and Levi Toddler and his cat Levi Toddler and his cat Levi Toddler and his cat Levi Toddler Jellypop Easter BUnny Plush toy Otto and his Jelly Pop Easter Bunny

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  1. Becca Smith says:

    Lot’s of things have changed, for sure, but one thing that hasn’t is the joy I get in seeing little Otto embrace the world 🙂 And if Levi isn’t proof of God’s continuing blessings even in the middle of all this, I don’t know what is. Happy Easter!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Otto looks like he has grown three inches taller. Looking so adorable in his Easter outfit. Sounds like it was a lovely Easter.

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