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April 28, 2020

When Joe and I decided in early March it was best for us to start staying home we got plans in place to keep us busy on the farm over the weekends trying to go out as little as possible. As time went on and it became more of a realization how long this might actually last we decided it was best for Joe to stay away since he was still going in to the office. Our number one goal is to keep Otto safe and healthy since he is in that higher risk category. Joe moved in to my parents cottage and Otto and I took care of the farm. Once Joe was able to get caught up at the office he quarantined himself for 14 days and then came home. It was a long time to be away but we did it and have been home together now since just before Easter.

Otto and his baby lionhead rabbit We added a new farm animal!

All that said, I knew with Joe gone it was time to make my move. I ordered a rabbit. and an Incubator. And eggs for hatching. oh and acquired a stray cat.  I didn’t dare go as big as acquiring the mini donkey Otto and I want but I figured a rabbit was a good place to start. I did some research on breeds and thought the Lionhead Rabbit was so cute and apparently easy to train. I searched the hoobly classifieds and found a breeder about an hour from us. I sent her my deposit and 6 weeks later we picked up mrs. rabbit from the gas station parking lot.

We added a new farm animal! Teaching a toddler to be gentle with his animals Toddler and baby bunny

Otto was absolutely THRILLED. For now she is living in an old chicken hutch I cleaned out inside my garden shed. Soon we will have a nice spot for her outside near my garden so we can play with her in the sunshine. Otto loves playing by her in the shed. He makes her watch him ride his bike and it’s so cute! She is extremely friendly but still a little nervous. The more we play and hold her the calmer she seems to get. I think I’m a little more attached to the rabbit than I thought I would be. It is so sweet and soft and so far low maintenance . I was able to order everything I needed off of amazon so we didn’t have to go to the store for supplies. I tried to get him to name her something sweet like after a flower but he was insistent that her name is Mrs. rabbit (thanks peppa pig).

So far she has been the sweetest little addition to our farm and Otto loves going out to the garden to check on her. It’s been such a bright spot during all of this madness to watch how much he truly loves living here on the farm and taking care of his animals.

Otto and Mrs. Rabbit Otto and Mrs. Rabbit Otto and our new baby bunny A small baby lionhead bunny baby Lionhead Rabbit

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  1. Janet says:

    Otto will grow up to be a kind and gentle man because he is learning to care for Gods creatures! I know this because my children were raised that way and they are loving kind adults! Good job Abby!

  2. Jane says:

    Rabbits are the best❤️ We have two; Charlie and Penelope

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