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December 22, 2021

I have not necessarily been a scrooge this year when it comes to decorating our farmhouse for the holidays, but more exhausted Santa. We went all out for Christmas this year at The Found Cottage and between that and pending renovations in the home, I just didn’t feel like hauling out all the bins of Christmas decor. I decided to narrow it down a bit and unboxed my Santa Mugs, Putz houses, Ornaments for the tree, Bottle Brush Trees and candles. Simple, pretty and still fun to decorate the house with. They were Otto’s favorites too so that helped.

The Dancing Santas will have to wait until Christmas 2022.

We bought a real tree this year as has been our tradition now for a few years. Our neighbors have a tree farm, how can we not?

My Amish Greenhouse Decorated for Christmas

I then had grand plans of decorating the exterior of the house for the holidays but then the stomach flu hit our him and it hit hard. Between Otto and I getting sick and Joe quarantining away from us.. well, it took it’s tole. When I was finally starting to feel better the sweetest package arrived on my front door from Creekside Growers in Middleville, MI. It’s a massive bucket of the most beautiful winter greens, winterberry, dried florals and more. I had been really wanting to clean up around the greenhouse and make it look a little festive since it’s visible from the road so I took the bucket out to the garden and went to work on it. Behold! My Christmas Amish Greenhouse.

This little Christmas amish greenhouse has brought me a lot of joy this season and some year I dream of having a night with Santa for friends and family to come and visit. Maybe after this house gets renovated. I’m sensing a 2022 Christmas Alberspalooza aren’t you?

Holiday Amish Greenhouse Holiday Greenery On the Greenhouse Amish Greenhouse Decorated for Christmas Christmas Greenhouse

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  1. Sue says:

    Looks amazing! It often seems our own house gets the least attention when we decorate for business. Glad you could make use of items and have a Merry Christmas and wonderful 2022.

    Sue & Kelly
    Creekside Growers

  2. Babs says:


    • Deb says:

      Looks beautiful! I think it’s the year a lot of people have scaled back. My house looks beautiful but it also doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other years! Cozy tho!!!

  3. kathy black says:

    It’s gorgeous!! I wish I could have Christmas there.

  4. Kelly says:

    Oh Abby this looks amazing! Great job! And after the too! That waco chick is sure missing it by not calling you!

  5. Juli says:

    Abby, this is stunning! Thanks for sharing! I live in southwest Michigan, but make lots of trips to Hudsonville to The Found Cottage. Sure wish you all would open a shop down here! I want to decorate my shed just like this next year!

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