On the hunt for the perfect real tree


December 22, 2021

These Christmas traditions are what make all the hustle and bustle of this holiday season worth it to me. We were never real tree people until Otto was born (funny how kids do that for ya) and ever since then we decided welp, time for a real tree. It was a happy decision not only because our neighbors are Peterson’s Riverview Nursery, but there is nothing like the smell of a fresh new tree.

As Otto grows older he has more and more of a say in what tree comes home with us. We had to do some serious negotiation when he wanted to take home the 2 foot tall young trees. He thought they were “cute tiny little baby trees” that needed to come home with us too. We convinced him that they needed some time to grow into big strong trees for next Christmas. With my luck and his memory we’ll be back at the same spot negotiating against a 3 foot tall tree.

on the hunt for the perfect real tree for Christmas

It was days like this day where Otto runs without ceasing up and down the rows looking at trees that I thank God we’re here. His boundless energy is such a gift that I will never take for granted and hopefully always appreciate. He is full of energy and wonderment and it’s wild just to watch. After about a solid hour of tree hunting we found the perfect tree we all agreed on and otto helped Joe saw it down. Not before mom set up her tripod and camera though to mark the occasion.

Capturing these happy moments of my family allow me to look back and remember all the more.

He was so proud to help Joe carry the tree to the wagon and into the house. We spent the next day carefully taking out all the ornaments to decorate it while Joe was out hunting. Another little tradition our family has developed over the years.

What Christmas and holiday memories do you treasure and look forward to the most with your family?

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