Otto Meets Santa Claus


December 15, 2021

Just one more thing checked off the Christmas list, Ottos meeting with Santa Claus. This year Otto is all in on believing in Santa and he was adamant that he had to get Santa his list. When my friend Sarah announced she was doing mini sessions with Santa I signed us up thinking it would be a low stress way for Otto to meet Santa without having to wait in line at the mall. (and also not sit where a million other children have sat).

When we arrived and Otto heard the Ho HO HO coming in from the other room his little body stiffened like one of those fainting goat’s you see on the youtube videos.

He was clearly nervous so I promised him that I wouldn’t make him go and talk to Santa alone and it ended up being a little family photo session.

Pictures with Santa

When Santa asked Otto what he wanted for Christmas he just pointed at me and said “SAY IT” so I was the one who relayed the message to Santa. We need Otto to keep trust in us especially when it comes to doctor visits and such so throwing him on Santa’s lap while he was nervous didn’t seem like the best idea to us. He held it together,  nervously (if you couldn’t tell by his face) and we managed to get a few funny family photos for the holidays.

Thank you to Sarah for squeezing us in. I think these might be my favorite holiday photos to date!

Photos of Christmas past here

Ottos grumpy photos with Santa Grumpy Photos with Santa Toddler Pictures Ottos photos with santa went a bit different than expected Happy holidays from The albers Mom is exhausted for holidays Nothing for Christmas Visiting with Santa Clause Santa Claus Mini Sessions Photos with Santa went different than expected but we did it! Photos with Santa went different than expected but we did it! Otto was not happy

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  1. Robyn says:

    You have to believe his stomach was churning!
    Sweet boy.

  2. Sherry says:

    Beautiful pictures and such a great memory to enjoy for many years!

  3. Love him so…these are terrific!

  4. Deb voorhorst says:

    Best parents ever! So in tune with your child…this is so important. Thank you.

  5. Celia says:

    These are Classic!!! Love the ones of him in the chair by himself!!

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