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July 7, 2020

We are moving quickly into the midsummer gardening phase which is when my midwest zone 5b/6a garden is really starting to burst. The harvest will be big this month and I’m looking forward to enjoying all the garden fresh veggies and flowers I worked so hard to get started earlier this spring.

This spring I dug out and added a new perennial garden and it’s slowly starting to take off. The hope would be as the years continue to go on that it would flourish and spread. As I pulled weeds last night in it I cursed how much faster the weeds grow than the plants.

Garden centers were closed earlier this spring by the Governor during the pandemic lockdown but FB marketplace was wide open. I was able to find some great deals on perennials to get started on. I thought I would write some tips and tricks for finding deals and steals on perennials for your garden.

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  1. Search Facebook Marketplace – I found a lot of people with surplus splits of plants on the marketplace. Search for specific plants you are looking to add. I was able to find boxwood for $12, Peonies for $3 and Lavender plants for $1. They are going to be smaller and might not bloom the first year but consider it an investment. A new peony bush at a greenhouse can cost anywhere from $12 – $40 pending on the variety.
  2. Shop end of Season –  Right about now is when the clearance wagons roll out. Perennials around here do great when planted in the fall. I stock up on perennial herbs for Michigan which are as cheap as 50 cents a pot right now. I am keeping my eyes pealed for rose deals right now.
  3. Join a garden club and swap splits – As perennials grow some will need to be divided. Join a garden group and have a splits swap with neighbors. I was able to get the peonies from a local split for $3 each.
  4. Shop the online bulb companies – Sometimes towards the end of the season (like now) you can score deals on bulbs for next year. It will take a while for them to establish but you would be saving quite a bit of money on unique varieties. I bought tulips for 75% off. My favorite is Michigan bulb and

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I think my favorite addition to my perennial garden is the hollyhocks that are starting to really establish courtesy of all the heat. I think they are one good thunderstorm away from really taking off.

What are some perennials hot spots that you have found. Do you have a favorite that you’ve planted this year?


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